Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cruising on Past Efforts!

You may recognize the Valentia team colours of the boat?!

I am idling in the water by Valentia Island, following the success of my first month of B and B in Kilkenny. I enclose the following reviews as proof that my holiday here is absolutely called for, to rejuvenate. And, of course, encourage anyone who'd like to come and visit!

Jess and P
Frances and Jani were fantastic hosts. They were warm, welcoming, funny, and incredible cooks. Staying in their beautiful home was the highlight of our trip!!

Deysia L
My husband and I stayed for one night at Frances' home, arriving quite late. It is about a 10-minute drive outside of Kilkenny in the countryside, so ideally suited for guests looking to completely disconnect. Frances is very warm, welcoming and engaging. Upon our arrival, she offered us wine and showed us the grounds of her home, including her horse and her outdoor dance floor. We had great conversations about a variety of subjects, including her work and travel. We slept well despite the high temperatures and moved about the house comfortably. And if you like pets, she has two adorable dogs and a kitten. Upon our departure, she gifted us with her book on energy healing and space clearing. I don't think you will meet a more open and friendly host. Thank you, Frances.

James D
I am not eloquent enough to describe our incredible stay with Frances. She is an extraordinary person with a fascinating life history, enormous passion, and generosity. She shared her unusually peaceful home, pasture, horse, kitty and dogs with us...just as much as we wanted. ( very sensitive to our desires). She prepared a wonderful vegan dinner, and breakfast, and even baked for us. She knows about energy fields and she shared her "clearing" practice with us, which was phenomonal. Highly recommend her retreat for a nourishing place to be.

George D
It was a truly positive and joyful experience to stay with Franc as I explored South East Ireland by bicycle. It was easy to find from instructions on her site and in a place which allows the exploration of wonderful Irish areas around her. Her abode is restful and energy giving, the food prepared was just exquisite and heavenly, the conversation was stimulating and thought provoking and nothing was ever too much for Franc as she gave of her time with energy and willingness. Franc is a truly wonderful person to stay with and if you are ever touring this part of Ireland you will be missing a true gem if you do not stop a while. I can assure you that you will depart with energy and a spring in your step. For any cyclist out there Leinster, Ireland is a great place to explore on bicycle and stops like those of Franc will leave you wanting to return again. Thank you very much again Franc.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

What is our reason d'etre?

 The hedonists were right, from the start; Their ethics were founded on the belief that we are here to seek pleasure. When faced with a moral dilemma, the question we should employ is 'which path would bring the most joy?' Most people can't get past the apparent selfishness of everyone suiting themselves. Many fear that if everyone was encouraged to seek pleasure, society would become a boundless rampage. However it wouldn't. Try it consciously! In the old paradigm, we were polarized between motivations of victim and perpetrator. If someone wanted more money or even affection, they would either sink into dissatisfaction at not being able to get any or go and get it, regardless of whose it was or how they might come by it - including earning, taking, gambling or payback. With awareness of our connection to everyone else, though, everyone benefits. Any bit of happiness you feel will be rolling out as happiness for everyone around you. Guaranteed!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Has anyone else had a surge in visitors both invited and uninvited?!

I have the distinct impression that I have been experimented on by aliens in the last couple of weeks.
I have this imprinted in pin dots on my left shoulder!
Furthermore, there has been considerable disturbance, mentally, emotionally and physically. I gather they didn't take anything away, thank God. Now I've noticed what was going on, I have cleared the adverse reaction to the intergalactic interference. It occurred to me that the planet Nibiru is still within shouting distance of Earth so maybe it was that crew. The mark, they chose to leave, leaves me hopeful that they came specifically to upload a new navigational tool.

This is helping already with multi dimensional healing but I think that something else even bigger is being orchestrated. In the same two weeks, I have had visitors from all walks of life and several countries. Director of services for psychiatry, professors in social work, decision makers and international speaker in sustainable urban planning, a processor of drug use statistics, a promoter of not-for-profit companies and cutting edge publications. Just as I hoped, Harmony Hall is becoming the think tank for the rising of consciousness that I always hoped it would be. Unlike Kilroy or those other great chat shows that get minority groups to discuss their individual situations, now we are getting to apply ourselves to raising the synergy of the whole picture.  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

All aboard!

Does anyone recognize planet earth here? I see that the continents have moved again. There was so much movement, in fact, that they became two dancers. I called it 'Millions of Tiny Stars but only One Salsa Nation'. The question for me today is do we love the land enough?  Energetically, there is a direct correlation between appreciation and sustainability. Ireland is not just beautiful because the sun is shining it is because of the grass and the water. Nearly every square inch is edible to someone. Its like our own version of Hansel and Gretel's house, except with foliage instead of candy. Maybe the next best selling book will be called 50 shades of green...maybe not quite so saucy but a more natural vision of a healthy love affair. The only contract being one of personal responsibility and gratitude for what's on offer here! Let's get ourselves 100% on board!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dealing with the physical, in a round about way!

The physical energy field is our most dense. It is the last part of ourselves to express our experiences! There is the spoken expression that someone unfortunate was a 'victim of illness' or a 'victim of crime'. To unravel these unlucky patterns, it is totally worth looking around the heavy manifestation at the more ethereal material from which they were created. An example might be fear of pain or a sad memory that has remained unacknowledged. Learn the tools to look at your unconscious developments. Then you can set your sights on a future vision. Even the mood of conscious intention is so much more powerful than a life of dodging the bullets. Avoidance and denial are often cushioned in the self image of being 'down to earth' and only dealing with what's tangible and in front of you. That is a valid persona but I really recommend freeing the mind and getting ready to expand and live life to the max. We are in charge of what happens to us. Always have been, always will be, might as well make it epic, compassionate and firing on all cylinders.