Monday, July 15, 2013

Has anyone else had a surge in visitors both invited and uninvited?!

I have the distinct impression that I have been experimented on by aliens in the last couple of weeks.
I have this imprinted in pin dots on my left shoulder!
Furthermore, there has been considerable disturbance, mentally, emotionally and physically. I gather they didn't take anything away, thank God. Now I've noticed what was going on, I have cleared the adverse reaction to the intergalactic interference. It occurred to me that the planet Nibiru is still within shouting distance of Earth so maybe it was that crew. The mark, they chose to leave, leaves me hopeful that they came specifically to upload a new navigational tool.

This is helping already with multi dimensional healing but I think that something else even bigger is being orchestrated. In the same two weeks, I have had visitors from all walks of life and several countries. Director of services for psychiatry, professors in social work, decision makers and international speaker in sustainable urban planning, a processor of drug use statistics, a promoter of not-for-profit companies and cutting edge publications. Just as I hoped, Harmony Hall is becoming the think tank for the rising of consciousness that I always hoped it would be. Unlike Kilroy or those other great chat shows that get minority groups to discuss their individual situations, now we are getting to apply ourselves to raising the synergy of the whole picture.  

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