Saturday, February 16, 2013

Total Detox in One Day

Emotional, Mental and Physical

Emotional - Don't put yourself down for a whole day. By breaking the cycle of self criticism, two things happen. You leave more room to play and feel good. Secondly you notice the people around you more objectively. The ones that join in the demeaning behaviour, you can distance yourself from. The ones who recognize your beautiful, infinite spirit...keep them around and return the favour.

Mental - Clear yourself of inner conflicts and worst case scenarios. People have, on average, between seven and eight hundred inner conflicts. Just using a pendulum, you can bring that figure down to zero. Then clear the adverse effects of having had to live with such polarity for so long. There is no need  to identify them individually, just heal them, like this, on an energetic level. Then, you can put your amazing mind to work on conscious creations. Direct your thoughts and aim them at what you do want.

Physical - Let your need for food go. Needs are always part of a lack perspective. Don't crave more nourishment, more sweetness, more energy, more vitamins, more variety, more convenience or more effort. By needing anything you push it away. Appreciate, instead, what is there in the cupboard. Cultivate the feeling in your body that you have everything you need. Just as microwaves literally change the composition of food, so can we. Consciously choose to imbibe all the goodness necessary to thrive and choose to release all the toxicity you've accumulated, in order to heal.