Friday, August 29, 2014

What happens when someone who has been reading salsa event guides turns to quantum physics!

1. Why is so little ultraviolet light given off by hot bodies?!
2. Most light radiates around a black-body curve!
Both have to be dance related observations, surely!

Anyway, I will explain more on these concepts once I get my mind off the dance floor and out of the gutter!

The question today is about how we can work with particles. Researchers of these infinitely tiny things have discovered that information can be entangled between particles, raising the possibility that everything is connected by invisible threads. So even smaller again must be these threads. I tuned in and asked if these threads were made of consciousness and got a yes. I asked can the tangles be addressed using consciousness and I got a yes. So I am applying this to healing and activism simultaneously.
WAR, specifically. What is it good for, absolutely nothing!
There are, I gather 41 wars going on as we speak in the world. That is like …well, I don't know what it is like, but in quantum terms, it is a lot of tangles. So I've cleared all 41. The tangles of the people who have died traumatically, the ones who are in fear, the ones who are perpetuating, the ones who are benefiting, the ones who can resolve the conflict, the ones who can come up with a way to rebuild the countries, the ones who can sort out resources for the people and quantum healing for those who have witnessed such violence. This is particularly powerful as I saw it used with people from Albania who had had half of each family killed, with the survivors made to to watch, in order to demoralize them. The tragedy had looked like it would never leave their faces but every one of those who got this treatment were able to experience joy again. I think this is relevant as we need to develop ways to not live in shock, whatever the confrontation that we have met. This can be abuse, political corruption, blind ignorance, violence, bullying, prejudices. All leave a mark.

We can only make good creations in the future, if we have a healthy, trusting perspective, so as far as i can see today, quantum (energy) healing is the only way to go. That way we move from being at the mercy of our fellow man… to having mercy on our fellow man!  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Organization of Light

Quantum physics says that light behaves like waves one day and a stream of bullets the next.
I asked what is the application of this in healing: If the solid body is the shore and the waves rolling in are the light, we are faced with a slow healing process. More often than not the waves make little impression. Sometimes they wash away debris, but the flotsam and jetsam are rarely transmuted to pure light. They rather stay solid and float out to pollute the ocean, cast shadows in the light and can easily arrive back in as sicknesses often do. When the waves do cause radical erosion, we see it as destructive. But that is the light breaking down the sick structures. So more successful for us as healers, is to work with light as a stream of bullets. These can be well-aimed to see, acknowledge and understand the real source of disturbance - be it environmental or personal.

What is the application then for the breaking down of the sick structures of the political/corporate complex? I wondered if it might be the light waves this time and a catastrophe or two from Mother Nature. I got a no, its the light bullets again. So yes, we as activists are part of a rising tide of discontent but the clearly aimed bullets of light are what will actually take the darkness down.

You might ask, what sort of aim do we have for atoms, for energy, for light? Intention. That is all we need. We don't need a critical mass, lots of people meditating or working together, we don't even need agreement, we just need to recognize ourselves as a light house and then start setting the angle of the beam.

What a revelation to be an energy worker learning about Quantum Physics. Over the next two months, I will establish practical applications for each idea and share them here.
For more clarity and reassurance with this process, have a look at my book - How To Live As One by Frances Micklem, available on Amazon etc or from my website

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Letter to cut and paste if you get a chance to councillors.We have 23hours to let them know what we know!

Dear Councillor,
Are you not willfully breaking the law if you vote AGAINST the motion to stop work on the CAS bridge tomorrow? Or at very least guilty of upholding an illegal contract? Please be reminded that the last meeting (only 3 weeks ago, a majority voted for a review so keep focused that stopping the work will facilitate that review actually being done).

I also want to put your mind at rest about surcharges and public cost of stopping the CAS and returning the site to its natural state (although there will have to be new trees to replace the old ones (that you took the opportunity of the big storm and other fallen trees nearby, to cut down in just one of several shockingly ignorant moves). Because the contracts are conditional that means that if the conditions aren’t met, which they haven’t been, the contract is null and void without financial repercussions. One of the conditions we know about is that the bridge shouldn’t go ahead if there was not money guaranteed for the two roads to complete the CAS. There is not that money. It has been said that there is just the 10 million to build the bridge. (By the way, don’t even think of dipping into the 45 million the council received last year for the Ring Road, to finish the CAS project. You are under the scrutiny of too many informed citizens, honest councilors against the CAS and legal bodies to try anything like that. Secondly, the bridge should not go ahead if the houses on Vicar Street and on the proposed route on the Wolfetone St side were not agreed in advance. Some architect said that something has been signed off this week but under what duress was that signed off, or even was it? Or would such a signature so late in the day stand up in court? The condition that most people, possibly even you yourself, don’t know about was that, up until a couple of weeks before An Bord Pleanala agreed the CAS, there was a planning permission clause saying the Ring Road should be completed before CAS could go ahead. That clause was taken out. This is not the usual behavior of An Bord Pleana to take out conditions. There is courruption at every level of this agreement and now it has become explicit, I encourage you to stand up for transparency.

It is also not usual for the EPA to overlook continual water contamination, bad practices  and ignorance of  environmental impact. Or for there to be such discrepancy as to whether a house has medieval value or not. The Heritage Council and Planning Office, are all allowing breach after breach of human rights, democracy and environmental management. One day alone, there were 40 reports of serious health and safety risks.

Even the gardai are working as security guards for you. On one video I heard a campaigner say, ' (get your knee out of my back’. This whole project was so embarrassing to local gardai that Wexford gardai were called in. This was only because Kilkenny ones were uncomfortable manhandling their neighbors perhaps. At the beginning of the process, the guards were saying, yes you the protesters, the public, have a right to be here (on Greens Bridge, the Peace Park and the pavement at the Vicar Street entrance). They said, if they are asked to escort (!) machinery in to the site, protestors might be moved away from the entrance. They said no one will be arrested, cautioned or charged, they only wanted to facilitate the contractor (which is surely inappropriate in itself). However, here in week 7, people have been arrested, a man with crutches deliberately pushed over, a man dragged into a car, a woman kneed repeatedly in the back (which as I say is on camera) plus countless other words, aggressive behavior, lies told and peaceful agreements (like the stand aside for twice a day deliveries offered by protesters and agreed with gardai) breached by gardai. The press has been fed lies to paint protesters in a bad light. Everyone, on the other hand, who has come to hear directly about the CAS plan is eternally grateful to the protesters for bothering to stand up and defend the city from the greedy ignorant version of progress that is so blatantly being played out here.

Bear in mind, the protest has continued peacefully, considerately, each person getting more informed, more individually motivated and contributing ideas and negotiating skills, showing staying power, supporting each other. These are people with integrity and I encourage you once again to vote FOR the motion to stop the bridge, because the council’s stance has seriously lacked that integrity so far.

There was some talk of job creation on the Brewery site. There were continued lies until the last meeting, that you don’t know who will take the brewery site. Well, the current jobs Kilkenny has are mainly in tourism or high street shops. Both these are supported by the Medieval Mile. A mad flyover bridge will cut off the castle end of the medieval mile from the St Canice’s Cathedral end. Furthermore, some God forsaken superstore on the brewery site will kill business in all other shops. So you will be losing more jobs than are gained.

There are precedents already in Ireland where a bad plan for a car park was already half built when it had to be taken down and the site returned to its natural state. The fact that it is a decision that has already been taken in Ireland shows you the power of the council, to do what is best for the city and pay attention to what the people, who elected you, want. This precedent can give you conviction to see through what you must know needs to happen. Stop the bridge. Deny all knowledge of the real and full CAS plan. Just as section 140 says, the incoming councilors at the last election were not informed of the plan.

Just because you sign a general paper of agreement for City Planning, does not mean you cannot question this project. You are individuals like us, with many concerns and much to understand. We know that you have no doubt deliberately not been versed in the CAS plans and implications. Only a few will be benefiting hugely from the project. Having said that, you cannot say after tomorrow that you did not know.  

This is your chance to disassociate from the process of garda bullying, lack of public consultation, waste of public money, embarrassing recall of the 45 million the council received last year to finish the ring road and didn’t do it, the contamination of drinking water, destruction of wildlife habitat and thoroughfares, the legacy of a bridge to sit there meeting no road on either side for any number of years, lack of regard for your commitments to the voters. No one really knows what the fiasco has cost so far but its a lot less than it will cost if it goes ahead. It is the CAS itself which is the massive waste of public money.

Please vote FOR the motion to stop work on the bridge tomorrow.

Very best regards, Frances Micklem

Email addresses:

Friday, August 22, 2014

'How To Go Vegan' Notes - Courses all year around, here at Harmony Hall

How To Go Vegan Course

So we talked about reasons for going vegan:
Save the Animals – 70 Billion killed a year for the food industry
Save the Environment – Gas Emmissions from Herds and Intensive Farming
Feed the World – If crops were eaten rather than fed to animals, everyone’d eat
Health Concerns – Dairy and Eggs linked to Cancer
Weight Management – Readymade foods have meat, dairy, honey, eggs or at least whey powder, gelatin or lactic acid (derivatives) so vegans avoid them and so by great chance avoid sugar and salt-laden foods too. This means conscious eating equals weight loss. 

The risk to vegans is too many carbs as veg and potatoes and pasta etc are all carbs in part! The solution is to have small portions of carbs and include protein at every meal.  Eat often and prosper: 6 small meals a day keeps your metabolism busy, energy up and toning happening!

Vegan Bread –
With the added bonus of no yeast, fully organic, rye potential, gluten free potential, no hot cupboard needed for rising the dough and works with whatever you have handy.
2lb dry ingredients altogether – flour, bran, spelt, rye flour (half a pound max)
 3 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons molasses/treacle
1 teaspoon baking soda
Mix dry ingredients
Heat spoon in small bit of water for molasses to be liquid
Add nearly a litre of liquid – nut milk/soya milk/water
Grease and flour 3 bread tins
Divide up mixture and add tomatoes/walnuts etc if wanted.
Sprinkle pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds on the top.
Put on at 200 or 180 for 35 minutes and then 10 minutes more once you get them out of the tins and placed upside down in the oven.
Cool on a rack – under a t towel in winter and not in summer, so crust isn’t too crunchy.

Kales, cabbage, garlic – protein: beans of any sort that you have soaked or tinned.
Carrot, lentils
Potato leek
Just start with onion, vegan boullion, garlic and ginger at the end for max health or not at all, if you intend to dance with someone.

Rice crispy buns
Real Chocolate/Dark cooking chocolate/Cocoa, sugar (or golden syrup), tiny bit  of nut or soy milk and warm slowly on the hob
Mix with rice crispies.
I thought this couldn’t go wrong but ours was more like delux cocoa pops than buns!

Cooked Chickpeas – olive oil, organic lemon (when you find organic lemons buy them. Grate rind  and keep in freezer for snacks and teas and total instant health (20 times the strength of chemo therapy I’m told and good for all sorts) and keep the lemons there too and defrost when you want the juice for a round of hummus. Add a little water so that the mixture will whizz with the whizzer and not block the blades entirely. Maybe salt and pepper or paprika or tahini. But delicious in anyway. I also have a simple tin of chick peas for a snack with a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar over them and a flax oil or olive oil – basically you’re getting good fats, the pea protein and the vinegar that heals joints, yeast imbalance and nearly every other complaint of the body, disguised as a light salad. PS If you’re getting a whizzer for the first time, get a stainless steel rather than a plastic one,. Can’t remember why now but just sharing that!

Shepherd’s pie
Potatoes cut small and add boiling or cold water and a sprinkle of salt
Keep checking with fork for when soft and ready for mashing.
Mash with a spoon of Pure margarine (any dairy free margarine whether sunflower, soya or olive), splash of soy milk, salt and pepper.
Pie Filling
Prepare onion and sauté in olive oil
Then add soya mince with a half an inch of boiling water
Frozen kale
Tinned tomato
Mixed herbs
Steamed carrots

Spoon into a dish and flatten potato evenly on top. Grate vegan cheese on top. I love the soy free Cheezly cheddar and the Smoked Cheese by Bute Island. Everything can be ordered by your health food shop in sufficient amounts to make it affordable. But be warned the smoked cheese lasts for ever but the ‘easy listening’ cheezly and slices last about one sitting.

I recommend a few definite s for your cupboard. Probiotics keep your stomach with the right bacteria working away and undoing all the damage of the yeast and sugar from the past.
In my first seven days survival kit I also included:
Boullion (vegan, organic, gluten free) is like a vegetarian stock cube essentially and a stash of this adds taste to any sauce or even rice.
One kilo Brown Rice
A tin of beans and lentils that are always there for you
Cooking chocolate is not too appetizing to eat but means you have the materials for rice crispy buns. Etc.
Vegetarian mince from the health store or even Holland and Barratt. Its super cheap, lasts for ever and only needs a momentary rehydration and seasoning to ready it.
Oat cakes, rice cakes and Tartex (delicious vegan pate in a tube).
Lidl gourmet muesli, 50% fruit and nuts is vegan and went in the survival kit.
Frozen meals:
Vegan Shepherd’s Pie,
Tandori curry with Tofu, Coconut milk and Pak Choi.
Vegan Chilli Con Carne – The Lidl sauce of this name is vegan miraculously but to make it yourself you just sauté the onions, add chilli, kidney beans (soaked overnight and cooked) soya mince, Vegan Tom Yum Paste, tomato paste, a tin of organic chopped tomatoes, carrots, frozen peas and let them infuse the flavours until you have the rice cooked. If you can’t find an ingredient, use something else. Everything seems to work, when you cook with compassion and a sense of adventure.

Monday –
readybrek, apple
bread and hummus lunch
chilli con carne
Tuesday –
Bread and soup lunch



Shopping is a good Irish online vegan food supply and is where I get my vegan organic dog and cat food too! However, don't forget to support your local health store for going to the trouble of stocking and sourcing great vegan alternatives and organic supplies!
Soya and nut milks for tea and cereal and cooking
Hazelnut milk is magic for coffee

It is really a tea party to be vegan! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kilkenny Councillor's Chance To Redeem Themselves This Monday 25th - please write to them in the meantime!

I can't believe it! After the headline 'work must stop on the bridge' last Monday, I find it hasn't at all. The Kilkenny Council, the gardai, the contractors and hopefully all those who feel strongly that the motion to stop work on the 'Central access scheme' should be passed, will be at the council offices next Monday 25th at 3pm. There were enough councillors to vote for a review last time, now there's a question if there's enough councillors to stop the work. Councillors changing their minds like headless chickens.

The scheme is crazy. The people involved are hopeless. There's no road to meet the bridge either side. Tesco, it turns out, wants the riverbank (the old Brewery site for those who know Kilkenny). The Protection Agency are turning a blind eye as its a council plan. The Heritage Council are turning a blind eye as its a council plan. The Health and Safety Council are turning a blind eye as its a council plan. The Planning Office themselves are part of the council, so they've turned a blind eye too. Well, they say what the eye doesn't see, the heart won't grieve over but I walked along the the river to show you what we, the protesters, are protecting.

Photo one: The pile driver, stones and demolition derby going on with beautiful Green's Bridge in the background. Greens Bridge is where we're keeping a vigil night and day for seven weeks now, waiting for due process to be done and determined to stay until the river and edges are returned to their natural state (see Photo 2: The natural beauty of the other side of Green's Bridge. Photo 3 shows how directly the flyover bridge intends to land on the very steps of St Canice's Cathedral and tower - Kilkenny's oldest building. A big road through here would divide off one end of the medieval city and specifically the Medieval Mile. The Council spent 5.5 million launching Kilkenny's Medieval Mile in the last couple of years.

Everyone really needs to let this council know that they must stop the bridge. It will be a precedent that many other cities and towns will appreciate. Tescos offers jobs but badly paid jobs, total disregard for the environment and death to all other shops on the high st. Our old county manager is on their welcoming committee, that's why its being pushed through. We need to stop corruption, greed, lies, secrecy and hopeless planning. Kilkenny gets its drinking water as well from the River Nore, featured below, and it is being contaminated daily by this careless building work. Please show up on Monday and drop a line to a Kilkenny councillor in the meantime to say what you want them to vote (they must vote FOR the motion to stop all works on the bridge).

Don't even get me started on the behaviour of the Guardai or the coercion of councillors by saying that it will somehow save public money to let the bridge go ahead. Stop it while we can and insist the area is restored. Be grateful to the stoic protestors for seeing the bigger picture and being prepared to defend what is valuable - nature, water, history, wildlife, high street business, democracy, freedom of speech, resources and the freedom of information. We are not only prepared to contribute to town and environment planning, we insist we are consulted. All those councillors were voted in because of their stance against the central access scheme including the bridge. Once voted in, they say their hands are tied. Well, untie them and get on with righting the wrongs. I know its new to ask that those in power shouldn't do whatever they like but times are changing and this is our chance to ensure positive change in governing, communication, incorporation of what the public want and the halting of big business domination.

Margaret O Brien, a great spokesperson against the bridge and Central Access Scheme, explains the contract of the bridge and how it is illegal, as well as being a great waste of public money.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stress - deal with it, avoid it or be suspicious of it!

I find myself stressed. I have a gym membership now so I have to go into town regularly. My boyfriend lives in Kilkenny so I have to go into Kilkenny regularly. There is a campaign that needs a turnout day and night to demonstrate that a motorway bridge is not appropriate for a medieval city, so I have to go into Kilkenny regularly. It feels like I'm never allowed to stay home.

When I do get home there is stress. I need to write letters to respond to the traffic of live animals, the grim Irish tradition of running 1 and 2 year old ponies at high speed down roads with a heavy old traveller in a sulky (cart) behind. When I got Windy, I learnt to dismount rather than trot downhill, to save his shins. I don't see a scrap of compassion in many keepers of animals here and the mind boggles at the 70 billion animals killed every year for food. What part of that isn't stressful for everyone, consciously and unconsciously? There are countless animals without grazing or water and with unaddressed injuries, let alone proper care.

There are letters to government and other old-boy institutions to write. We must make sure they know that we have noticed what they are up to. Outdated wind turbines, non Irish drilling for oil (I say that as if Irish businesses would be more careful with Irish resources but there is no evidence of that either). There are the pylons. I received a response to my objections two weeks ago. They said they would look into putting the new grid underground. They said it would be an independent study. This needs a bit of research to no doubt expose that there is no study, or its not even slightly independent and that they're just trying to come up with a figure on how much to hike the individual's electricity bill for annoying them with these obstacles. Pharmaceutical companies are both making people ill by contaminating the soil and water and then offering expensive research and medicines, that only put a lid on the illness. There is no responsibility taken by them or food producers.

I know that we can and must address all this and more and more again, through writing, meditation, uniting and trusting but it just makes for such busy days! So deal with stress by participating as consciously as we can and keeping a balance of trust in a positive outcome in all areas.

If we avoid it, we cannot be fulfilled and we isolate and victimize ourselves. If we are suspicious of stress, think someone else is causing it, then we can go into overwhelm. So, lets keep calm and do what we can in good heart.

Monday, August 18, 2014

How Social Activism informs a Healing Journey

When asked to contribute an article for the new Creating Calm Network magazine my first thought was 'what do people need to know right now?' Some people will listen to a show on how to release negativity or how people or animals are being treated in a particular context. It depends on what topic is of interest. However, there is a sense in which we are all being revved up and driven at high speed by remote control. This is important for everyone as these heated concerns we call our own are actually being triggered intentionally, I will argue, to keep us small or, maybe worse, indifferent and hardened.

First, the use of nano technology. A friend (who I will credit here if requested) said she first saw nano technology demonstrated on Tomorrow's World, a TV series where new inventions were looked at. A psychiatrist injected the microscopic robot into her blood stream and it found its way to the seat of the patient's emotions in the brain. Using a dial, the doctor was able to turn up her mood until there was a feeling of hyper  or exhilaration and then tone it down to where the patient felt depressed or despondent. We might have hoped this would never catch on but actually nano technology is everywhere now. Most notably in crop sprays. It might be partially to monitor the changes in soil over prolonged chemical spraying but it is also information gathering…of the people that breathe them in and ingest them.

Couple this with the recent tip off that pharmaceutical companies have a sales target: Every citizen to be on an average of 4.5 prescribed drugs. This is particularly sinister as the pharmaceuticals make the chem sprays and the drugs. If they are turning the dials down, en mass, to depression or up to fear and panic stations, then it makes it increasingly easy to make their targets. Off we go like lemmings to the cliff edge for 'medical help'.

So the message today is don't fall for it anymore. Refuse to eat grains or vegetables that have been genetically modified or sprayed. What that actually means is, they are laced with pesticides and herbicides - poisonous to wildlife and poisonous to us. Look for a reliable organic brand or symbol. Also don't go to the doctor or hospital, stay calm and look for the healing you can do for yourself. Laugh yourself well, resting yourself well, thinking yourself well, eating yourself well are all conscious ways to correct a sickness. Decide to unhook from the external world and take the power back. For more embedded disturbances and problems, listen in to Healing From Harmony Hall on Saturdays to learn how to address soul loss, karma, entities, debilitating memories, nano technologies and generally crack the illusion of separateness once and for all. We are all one and we have gratitude and forgiveness to help tap into the full energy spectrum, beyond the tricky bit we can get stuck in.

The other outside influence I was going to talk about is HAARP. Look it up if you're curious. Suffice to say we need to get sure of ourselves and keep clearing the lies we are fed to keep us small and scared. We are eternal, epic, sacred and incredibly powerful once we get going.

 Well done to The Creating Calm Radio Network and publishing group for pulling us all together.
Finally do not support everything that says 'sustainable'. Today I heard that Hormel has built a motorbike that runs on bacon grease. This is even though 45% of methane emissions come from pig farming…and even though Bio-Blend Fuels was shut down earlier in the year for trying the same thing. What about the poor animals as well? We are facing extremes of cruelty and ignorance in every area of business, so we must be vigilant, stop the madness when we see it creep in and become increasingly true to our own better judgement!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

An education in the miracle of conception - Preconceive Fertility

One in four people are infertile. IVF costs around €7,000 here in Ireland and there is no guarantee of success. Unlike the horse world where there is a 'no foal, no fee' rule at stud, with IVF you pay either way. You fill your body with chemicals, some remortgage their house to try several times…and sometimes its the man not the woman who isn't that fertile. So up until now, no one took responsibility for the situation.The man, the woman or the medical profession. Least of all the pharmaceutical companies who have been systematically poisoning us with their crop sprays, antibiotics, pain killers and contamination of our water. Most people, even who have suffered miscarriage, are told to just keep taking the folic acid and cut down on unhealthy foods. Well that is not enough to put someone's mind at rest and is hardly going to give the woman's body, let alone the growing baby, what it needs. So people need to take up the reins and prepare for pregnancy. Yes the man and the woman!

The body is a series of processes and systems that actually some people know a lot about. This means it can be boosted in specific ways to support the best development of the baby, if you do conceive. Before even that though, it has come to my attention that all a couple really need is a serious detox. We can literally eliminate the free radicals and all pollutants from our bodies. We can build our defenses. We can balance our hormones which will boost both the man and woman's mood too, which has to be a good thing. Kidney function is important, the integrity of the sperm DNA is important! Shocking lack of integrity there often and through no fault of man's own! Then there's the quality of eggs and ability to produce progesterone. The creating of a good atmosphere in the tubes so everything can work away. Why leave all these things to co-incidence, luck or total denial. 

Friends of mine, Pillar Healthcare, who have twenty years experience in whole foods, organic produce, natural supplements, to ensure we get the vitamins and minerals we need from our food, have come up with something epic. Everything that ever helped anyone conceive has been combined, at the exact right dosage, and there are heaps of miraculous conceptions…but then we are in Catholic Ireland! I have been on the stuff about a month now and feeling pretty radiant, which is important for confidence. Then there's the oils and the antioxidants, which makes one feel like they are developing the constitution of an ox, as they say! Even if you don't have a baby yourselves, you will definitely be fit and strong enough to adopt or foster a few who are already around and make a great family that way.      

So the Pre-Conceive has two ingredients that have been the study of Nobel Prize winning research. They are two of  the main ingredients: Coenzyme Q10 and Arginine.
L-Arginine can be a real help in increasing fertility, with one study showing a 250%-plus increase in sperm amounts and motility in most study participants.
In a 2009 study published in The Journal of Fertility and Sterility, Bentov and his colleagues found that taking Co-enzyme Q10, actually helped to improve egg quality in older women and improved fertilization rates.


Associated European Health Claims

  • Zinc contributes to normal fertility and reproduction,
  • Zinc contributes to normal DNA synthesis,
  • Selenium contributes to normal spermatogenesis,
  • Biotin contributes to normal psychological function,
  • Biotin contributes to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes,
  • Calcium has a role in the process of cell division and specialisation,
  • Choline contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism,
  • Copper contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress,
  • Folate contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism,
  • Folate contributes to normal psychological function,
  • Folate contributes to normal blood formation,
  • Folate has a role in the process of cell division,
  • Iodine contributes to the normal production of thyroid hormones and normal thyroid function,
  • Iron contributes to normal oxygen transport in the body,
  • Iron has a role in the process of cell division,
  • Magnesium contributes to normal psychological function,
  • Magnesium has a role in the process of cell division,
  • Manganese contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress,
  • Pantothenic acid contributes to normal synthesis and metabolism of steroid hormones, vitamin D and some neurotransmitters,
  • Riboflavin contributes to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes,
  • Riboflavin contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, protection of DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidative damage,
  • Vitamin B6 contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity,
  • Vitamin C contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress,
  • Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood

Life is really fascinating. Start looking into improving your own physical lives, really consciously and goodness knows what will happen. Suffice to say, I've been on the treadmill 4 times in 5 days, on the bike once, on the horse 3 times, dancing once, stretching once, no silly cravings for sugar or coffee. Really enjoying water and music even more than ever. Everything is starting to flow again. 

This is the link to the interview I did at Evolv Health Store, where all this knowledge was distilled into a sachet. What a learning curve, what a gift, thank you!
- See more at:

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hope for Kilkenny, hope for all of Ireland!

I find myself unexpectedly heartened today by news of a second protest started here in Kilkenny. The pressure on the council could now almost be complete.

1. On the one side they are giving a free license to trash the water source of Kilkenny City, the river Nore which we have been protesting about for weeks. On the other side, they tried to install their first 20 water meters today. There are protests active now about both. The council either value the water or they don't. They can't have it both ways.

2. In other counties, fracking is under way, polluting underground reservoirs and ground water indiscriminately. Simultaneously, there are plans to pipe water from the river Shannon to Dublin. Which do they want? Fresh water or polluted water.

3. Then there was the water authority assembled and paid a vast amount of money, to sort out the leaks in the water system. It wasn't done. But now there is another authority assembled to charge for water. This has, of course, been done. Mending the leaks would have meant that water usage would be halved. Good for preservation and good for bill payers but the government do not care in the least.

Kilkenny people are now very much clued in and seem to be taking a lead in collapsing this old paradigm of misuse of power and public money. This ignorance and neglect of what Ireland has of value is being flagged up here. We are going to hold on to all that is good with passion, compassion and regard.

It is tempting to disempower the council further, get the most ludicrous characters who haven't changed their perspective, or owned up to any oversight for years, sacked. So lets do that but lets keep the councillors with great integrity, even if its just one or two. Let them build up a force to be reckoned with. Because the thing is:

Every local council has the power and authority to refuse fracking and other destructive plans in their county!! This is gold dust power. This means if Kilkenny people force out the undemocratic councillors in a vote of no confidence it will set a precedent for every county. It will be an empowering message to everyone in a public office. Find out what authority you have and use your influence in a wise and timely fashion... and for the benefit of the people, animals, wildlife and greater environment.

We need the exact balance to collapse the old paradigm (which includes council arguments like - 'we can't do anything about it now' 'we can do something about it but we will have to pass on the cost to you' 'we don't have to tell you what we're planning' 'we threaten citizens with arrest if they object')

The balance is, out with the old and in with the new. Let a new council lead with integrity, transparency and participation from the now seriously well-informed public.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Art to Soothe your Soul - Stonehouse Book Shop for the Kilkenny Arts Festival

Our ships are coming in at last
                                                      Dance floor over the Stream
                                                                  Harmonious Vision
My understanding of Reality and how to Participate Well
             Synergy - Were they spins or springs? It was a magically balanced ending for sure!
                                Communing - Waiting and trusting that Nature will intervene!

Pat Kenny is in Kilkenny, come on down to the RIvercourt Hotel at 10am, for Newstalk!

Looking for the gift in the following this morning:
Guardi deliberately sabotage the campaign to save Kilkenny.
Guardi called to the site of the controversial new bridge leading nowhere at 8am yesterday morning to say that they would be back at nine to escort a lorry in for the contractors. The actual time they had planned to bring the concrete lorries in was the afternoon, when they suspected that protesters would have run out of steam and dwindled in numbers.

It is disheartening that the guardai get to waste more and more time of the campaigners. We are already meeting the need to observe the two entrances 24hours a day. We are within our rights to be here and the work should have stopped when a review was agreed two weeks ago. We have homes to go to, jobs to do, children and animals to look after. It is a great strain and inconvenience to have to guard a place. The guardai and contractors are behaving like the Travelers do, at their worst. They are beyond the law, want to come in and trash the place, take no responsibility for their methods and are only self interested.

Us campaigners are a powerful force of reason, goodwill, conscientious objection and a resource for alternative solutions. This hair-brained scheme by the Kilkenny council and Tesco (yes their involvement has come to light) has been such a blatant affront to local interests that it has succeeded in waking up and uniting a great throng of considered judgement and considerate people. I gather that 10 for the central access scheme, 10 protesters and 10 something else will join Pat Kenny in an open debate this morning at the River Court hotel, to be aired live on News Talk - Where will they find 10 people FOR the scheme I wonder? Will they pay some people to speak in favour? Two weeks ago they paid for a 5 page advert in the newspaper with public money so we know the council will not stop short of lying and playing ignorant and 'hands tied' cards, as and when it suits them.

Pat Kenny himself called to Green's Bridge to see Camp Nore and meet a few of the protesters. It would have been very exciting for me if I had ever had a telly or listened to the radio and had known who he was! Our hearts rose to see him and he was willing to walk to the top of Greens Bridge and see the construction/destruction so far. I hadn't recognized him but the others had recognized all three that were traveling in the car - Pat Kenny, a Kilkenny council worker and the site manager. The implications are great. This must be why there is such poor biased coverage of the campaign's objectives. I would like to reiterate that we are pro Kilkenny, pro Tourism, pro clean drinking water, pro heritage, pro progress and pro democracy. We are fantastically peaceful, we will not be disturbed into aggression or fear.

The guardai know that they are acting outside their remit, doing the daily bidding of the contractors. The contractors know they are acting outside their remit, digging through bed rock which is under water - it is illegal to use this equipment if you can't see what you're doing. Complaints, violations and breeches of health and safety are reported every day about the cowboy contractors - the very ones who ruined the river a few years ago with the weir they built. Not fit for task shouts out of their every movement. The council as well are acting outside their remit. They are employed by us and soon we will exercise our rights with legal clarity and total vindication and sack the lot of them - except the two or three good councillors who can be put in charge of leading the city out of this quagmire.  The contractors can put the site back to a natural state and undo all the damage, take away all the piles and stone, the guardai can learn a lesson or two about the law I hope and Tesco can go to hell in a hand basket if they want. They have had their fun on one too many river bank for my liking!

So if you're in the neighbourhood about now, stroll down to the Riverbank Hotel in Kilkenny and let it show that Kilkenny people want to keep their beautiful medieval city intact.

Monday, August 4, 2014

1st World War Centenary Acknowledgement

4th August 1914 the first world war started. 90,000 Men and boys were killed. 100 years later still terrible decisions are being made and the inexorable machine of unconscious fear goes on.

I got this message from my Mum today . . ."I am knitting. Very boring, a length of work  60 cm by 100cm. On August 9th we hope to roll out 7 miles of knitting. Then we will make them into rugs, blankets for people in crisis. Just at this moment there are many crises aren't there, Syria, Iraq,  Palestine, Somalia, Congo and many more are fighting wars.

Today we will be meeting at the Peace Memorial in Bonn Square, London. There will be Poetry and readings and references of the many conscientious objectors to the war. Our knitting party will be there representing CND." Which I think stands for Complete Nuclear Disarmament. Come on, why is it so tough to own up to or stand up to blatantly bad ideas? We've got to give peace a chance.