Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stress - deal with it, avoid it or be suspicious of it!

I find myself stressed. I have a gym membership now so I have to go into town regularly. My boyfriend lives in Kilkenny so I have to go into Kilkenny regularly. There is a campaign that needs a turnout day and night to demonstrate that a motorway bridge is not appropriate for a medieval city, so I have to go into Kilkenny regularly. It feels like I'm never allowed to stay home.

When I do get home there is stress. I need to write letters to respond to the traffic of live animals, the grim Irish tradition of running 1 and 2 year old ponies at high speed down roads with a heavy old traveller in a sulky (cart) behind. When I got Windy, I learnt to dismount rather than trot downhill, to save his shins. I don't see a scrap of compassion in many keepers of animals here and the mind boggles at the 70 billion animals killed every year for food. What part of that isn't stressful for everyone, consciously and unconsciously? There are countless animals without grazing or water and with unaddressed injuries, let alone proper care.

There are letters to government and other old-boy institutions to write. We must make sure they know that we have noticed what they are up to. Outdated wind turbines, non Irish drilling for oil (I say that as if Irish businesses would be more careful with Irish resources but there is no evidence of that either). There are the pylons. I received a response to my objections two weeks ago. They said they would look into putting the new grid underground. They said it would be an independent study. This needs a bit of research to no doubt expose that there is no study, or its not even slightly independent and that they're just trying to come up with a figure on how much to hike the individual's electricity bill for annoying them with these obstacles. Pharmaceutical companies are both making people ill by contaminating the soil and water and then offering expensive research and medicines, that only put a lid on the illness. There is no responsibility taken by them or food producers.

I know that we can and must address all this and more and more again, through writing, meditation, uniting and trusting but it just makes for such busy days! So deal with stress by participating as consciously as we can and keeping a balance of trust in a positive outcome in all areas.

If we avoid it, we cannot be fulfilled and we isolate and victimize ourselves. If we are suspicious of stress, think someone else is causing it, then we can go into overwhelm. So, lets keep calm and do what we can in good heart.

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