Monday, August 4, 2014

1st World War Centenary Acknowledgement

4th August 1914 the first world war started. 90,000 Men and boys were killed. 100 years later still terrible decisions are being made and the inexorable machine of unconscious fear goes on.

I got this message from my Mum today . . ."I am knitting. Very boring, a length of work  60 cm by 100cm. On August 9th we hope to roll out 7 miles of knitting. Then we will make them into rugs, blankets for people in crisis. Just at this moment there are many crises aren't there, Syria, Iraq,  Palestine, Somalia, Congo and many more are fighting wars.

Today we will be meeting at the Peace Memorial in Bonn Square, London. There will be Poetry and readings and references of the many conscientious objectors to the war. Our knitting party will be there representing CND." Which I think stands for Complete Nuclear Disarmament. Come on, why is it so tough to own up to or stand up to blatantly bad ideas? We've got to give peace a chance.

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