Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Architect Michael Rice on Reframing

Architect Michael Rice on reframing 

Be it timber, mental or emotional

Whether you have a home or not, you can make a start. Everyone who comes to Harmony Hall breathes a sigh of relief and feels a sense of excitement. They compare the big windows with their wee cottage portholes or narrow town house outlook and think they could never have this. That is not the case! 

Vesica Pices geometry at work

The perspective, energy and proportions are absolutely transferable! Michael Rice who specializes in 'creating a space of beauty and truth' can help. He designed this place and I’d recommend running any house plans past him before you build. The changes he will suggest will be subtle but make the difference between you creating a life of accord or discord. 

 Reconnection and Resonance

But also, he is well able to shift the energy of an existing place with his artwork; he can help you represent your adherence to the principles of nature, simply with images and even rebalance your relationships and make them more authentic and connected that way. 

Goodness knows, every other aspect of life, work and society is so divisive these days. I think you’d be mad not to tip away at making your inner space and home intact and a positive place to be. Working with him this week, he challenged me on my mental and emotional associations. Without realizing it, I had allowed some negative associations masquerade as mindfulness and so I was able to let them go. Such is the power of clarity and remembering that all reframing is to achieve proportion and ‘a harmonious relationship between the parts and within the whole’ as Alberti wrote.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Hertz are the number of vibrations per second.

 I didn’t know until this week what hertz were. I knew that they were a measurement for the strength of an earthquake. From space clearing and the energy work, I knew that a home should register between 4 and 7 hertz but that many houses were off the richter scale and up in the 700s. I had found that any geopathic stress over 300 hertz was quite possibly life threatening. It was also obvious that we are so hardened and used to brazening it out, in the face of electro magnetic charge from appliances, cables and wifi signals that we can endure a lot more than before. 

But at what cost? I could mention learning and developmental difficulties, anxiety and physical illness but these are the higher-end tensions where we’ve ended up. Actually, it’s the lower register I’m interested in. The whole magnitude of our subtle energy bodies has been distorted: Intuition not engaged and emotional guidance system skewed. 

That is why I encourage you to come over for some fine tuning! Instead of the enforced 440 hertz that you’ve been dealing with in music – however heart-centred and skilful the musicians might be – here we have 432 hertz. I had the piano tuned down using the twelve-tone equal temperament tuning and an even temperament seems to be what can now be guaranteed. No more drama or bad feeling, a genuinely new dawn.  One of the things the piano tuner observed was that he found the new base notes ‘non comprehendible to the human ear’. That reminded me of something I read about the 432. These tones and this numerical code to reality were not of human agency.

Who better to celebrate these new base notes and possibly beat them at their own resonant game than David Corley! Who better than Chris Brown to raise the consciousness further. I’ll have to wait and see tonight what frequency the Stephen Stanley band and Hadley McCall Thackston are vibrating at. From their recordings though, I’d say epic. 

They’re playing Waterford and Kilkenny tonight and tomorrow but the big day here is Monday!! 7.30pm Hope to see you here! 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Can Gentleness Be Overrated? Today, I think not!

 There has been overshadowing of my spirit this week but I’ve written about that in very small print above – inperceptible to the naked eye I hope - and now will persevere in telling a different story.


I had done a very good job of hardly drinking any alcohol over the last two months. I didn’t like the balakans that it let into my aura – dark entities that embed plausible but demoralizing thoughts in your mind that quickly depress the vibrancy of all your cells, from head to toe. Also I was on a pretty successful health drive, no bread, no crisps or processed sugar and taking a full complement of supplements in case I was called upon to do something heroic. 

However, I found that one or two drinks really fuelled my feng shui reshuffle over the couple of weeks. I painted the gate, the low wall, the front door, I got my paintings back and up, I moved the piano, I forged a path into the office. The long sunny evenings and a glass of Guinness or whatever I had making the jobs fifty thousand times more enjoyable. A real occasion. It came to an end, when I was down at the plaza (the 24hr garage where I go on line – no wifi mayhem for me at Harmony Hall, thank you!

It was like divine intervention. One friend rang and said pick up a couple of beers and meet me in the woods for the surround sound Dark Side of the Moon experience. I hadn’t even drunk the beers, I had just taken them to the counter and they had already disorientated me. I left my laptop on the array of chocolate bars and went home. Three whole hours later, I at last wondered where the laptop was and raced back down to see if it was stolen or rescued by staff. Not only was it there, safe and sound, but I bumped into another friend who said that there was to be an end of term concert on Friday – four days later. 

The concert
Typical me, I picked up the pendulum and asked, should I take this opportunity to get the Chopin Nocturne up to the best I can? Yes. How many times would I need to play it in order to carry it off? 45. So that was the end of the boozing and dancing and writing and gardening, it was simply play, practice, repeat, study, experiment. I played it with the intention of heart and that was quite beautiful, like melting icecream. I played it with the intention of accuracy and that really stepped it up a gear. I tried also consciousness and unconsciousness and the latter was far superior – the conscious application, I had given the piece, moved to a new realm of presence and familiarity and left out all the conscious thoughts that used to trip me up, like ‘this is going well’, oh no, this bit coming up is difficult, I hope I do it justice’ etc.

I was also giddy with it, the idea of being able to record it on garage band as a before and after the new tuning. Tomorrow, the piano will be tuned from 440 hertz to 432 hertz but I have written about that excitement before. It also turns out that C sharp is another universally important frequency and number 272.  So playing that nocturne in the key of 272 on my 432-tuned piano is going to be a game-changing and life-changing, if subtle experience. Feel free to report back if you notice any external changes in me, or my perspective!

On the Friday, I woke up with a fraught heart. I couldn’t do any practice as I’d already bent the ear to much of my flat mate and our other friend who was staying was really holding out for the 432 tuning before being open to listening. I oscillated inside, thinking ‘it’s my house, just brazen it out’, but instead I drove to Kerry – 4.5 hrs there and longer back, with just 1hr just on Valentia. I borrowed the keys to the church, like the old days and snook in to play my piece 3 times – yes the 43nd, 44thand 45thrun throughs I needed. It sounded like the Exorcist or some such horror movie sound track on that harmonium – organ that you have to pedal to get a sound out of!! 

I played at my friend’s wedding there about 15 years ago and that’s what got me back playing. Memorably, I had rung a teacher in the golden pages and asked would she listen to the hymns and she had replied, I’d love to, I start back in September. To which I had said ‘can it be today or tomorrow, as the wedding is this weekend?!’ I was also the celebrant at another friend’s wedding there 2 years ago so the place has always been significant. Oh yes, and this is the day when I first clapped eyes on the boy who was to be my first love, when he came in to dance when they heard the organ going!  

Castlecomer Academy of Music Concert 

I arrived just as Seamus was reciting some of his poems from his newly released book about his and his family’s coal mining past. Where Seamus Walsh's In The Shadow of the Comer Mines can be found They were so moving and his voice so brilliant, I was sort of instantly gutted. 

My performance went well, some beautiful moments, nice partnership between piano and player, good walk on a long rein…etc etc (these are the comments I used to get on my dressage sheets, when I was competing in dressage on my horse so I thought I’d translate them over for the occasion!)

Then someone did an unbelievable recitation of the interviewing of ‘Bird’ by the bishop and the gardai, from The Field. So brilliant and funny and what amazing accents and ardour.

The party continued with lots of songs on guitar and some really lovely singing and the few that couldn’t sing or wouldn’t told us why and we were all grateful and highly entertained.

The Dog Adoption Day

I have been to so many animal orientated events and this is the first I think that was genuinely buzzing with adults and children, all mesmerized by the puppies and Oliver the lurcher and the whippet, the beautiful white german shepherd pup and wonderful brindle trusty hounds. People were spilling out on to the pavement and all the brilliant Protecting Pound Dogs crew were there, filling in forms and taking names for adoptive families to get ready with a home check. I asked one little family whether they were thinking of getting a dog and the woman said ‘oh yes, that’s why we’re here’. Dammit, it was so refreshing to hear that enthusiasm rather than the wiggle-out-of-it ‘oh no, one day I’d love a dog but this that and the other’ 

I held every dog and puppy in the place that wasn’t busy being cuddled by someone else and did energy healing. I cleared their past, any cruelty, near death experiences, their fears, their health issues and cleared a way forward for the forever homes, love and affection they deserve.  
Highbank Organic Orchards 
How wonderful to see Rod and Julie Calderpotts, two of my favourite people in the whole world, and drink strawberry water – the frequency of which must have been positively intergalactic, considering the topics we covered. I still haven’t told them that I want to change my name to Calderpotts as it is just the best name ever and so reminiscent of the game Cludo and so intrinsically cheerful in its annunciation!

I nearly got polytunnel plastic but instead got a thorough insight as to how the plastic must be measured for the assembly of the thing and so it was back to the drawing board to get more accurate dimensions. It is really a beautiful tunnel already. Golden mean in its geometry and good feeling scale. I always prefer these things before the plastic goes on sadly. It was actually the same with the house; I loved the starship enterprise foundations and would have been happy enough just living on that landing pad without all the faff of building a house on it.

Hothouse Flowers and The Riptide Movement

Castlecomer might not be a festival destination in your minds yet but wow, that was a great night and line up. Even the earlier bands were resonant as anything and just the right volume to enjoy sitting on the bone dry grass and chat a little first but these two bands were mesmerizing and such flipping command of their instruments. I thought Peter O’Toole, for example, the bassist was there just as eye candy perhaps but they each did a solo when they were individually introduced and what a bunch of pros! Vocal songs etc all very different but so inspired and funny and accessible. Same with Riptide Movement. I thought they might just have one or two good songs and your man’s voice might have been reverbed up during recording but no! What a good singer, lovely quality of tone and brought every new song to life right away. Every song except ‘It All Works Out’ was new to me!!  

I have finally discovered the merits of an epic DJ. Last night a DJ saved my life from a broken heart…well, that was in the olden days. This guy was catering for a new generation of people with a concentration span of 15 seconds, who crave stimulation and continual distraction from any mention of heart or connection. He would start with a tune, some old some new, just the 10 second classic hook and then descend it masterfully into a killer beat. After another 15 seconds he’d wind it down, leave everyone wanting more and mix in the next unforgettable song, again just the hook and then descend it down into another killer beat. No two were the same and no one was less brilliant and energizing than the last. It must have taken him months to put togother a set like that and he was enjoying himself too, taking selfies and snippets of the crowd and the crowd was heaving. So I learnt something, that if you get it right, you can dance for 2 hours straight, maybe 3 and still be engaged.

I also learnt, don’t wear flip flops as everyone’s too drunk to mind each other and I spent the time, trying to avoid losing a limb or toe. Not much violence, good security and only a very disturbing vodka and orange cordial drink served up at first. Real congratulations and thanks to everyone who made this week’s music and animal happiness possible, including me. On that note, I better go and feed mine, or they might start thinking about moving to greener pastures!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Insights from the Heart of Darkness

After some lengthy dalliances into caring, gardening, dancing, energy clearing and music, I still get that what I’m supposed to be doing is writing about consciousness so here are some of my insights from the solstice this year. 

It does not honour a dead swan to involve its lost wing in a healing circle. What would a swan want to happen when it dies? It would like to be buried (immediately or over time) as acknowledgement that half its constellation is now under the skyline (this came to me after I heard the reference to how St Patrick brought the cross symbol to pagan Ireland. He pointed to The Swan constellation, which at that time of year was partially hidden under the horizon, so showed only as a simple but massively present, irrefutable and not coincidental, cross in the sky. They went with everything he suggested after that!)

I sat around a fire with kebab after kebab of venison dripping blood and fat onto the wood only a metre or so away from me – approximately one every forty minutes, for 5 hours. Everyone, even long-term vegetarians, were having some to honour the occasion. Over the hill, where the sun had gone down, there was another gathering and camp with a wild salmon to enjoy. 

I felt so depressed. There was one other who I could hear saying ‘why is it the only vegetarian who keeps having to pass this around? But I couldn’t talk to him for solidarity as, somehow, it would have been a kill-joy and judgmental to question the eating of the God-forsaken creatures. How was I so slow on the uptake that this was perfect and fitting for this spiritual gathering, for this ancient celebration and as a way of doing honour to the sacred spirit of the animals? So a few of us set off on day two and went to meditate with some critters who still had a pulse. My joy was down to 2% but I wanted to ask the living some straight questions: 

Divining For Clarity on Emotive Matters

Does it honour a dead animal to eat it? No
If it is road kill? No
If it is reared for slaughter? No
If it is sung haunting and beautiful songs to, while it is being ‘processed’?
Let’s not dwell on this word ‘processed’. Chopped up? Skinned? Marinated?
One of the girls had processed over a 100 animals in this ‘sacred’ way with singing.
But what about the word ‘sacred’? 
The deer is sacred, they said. The swan is sacred. The salmon are sacred. Well, I get a yes to that. In fact, on reflection, I get a yes to all animals, birds, fish and plants being sacred. Even stones. Maybe especially stones. 

Crystal Clear New Reality

But a ‘no’ to people being sacred. (If you have truth-finding tools of your own, just check in now and see if you get the same answers). I got that we are the ones that have lost our nature and sense of the sacred. We are the ones that the Earth has to protect every other form of life from. 

Put more simply, there is no such thing as ‘spare ribs’. Whatever creature they come from, they had just the right amount. It hurts to break a rib and I’m sure it hurts on many more levels to have some taken out. I have merely felt like a spare part sometimes and even that feeling was pretty torturous.

If you find yourself justifying what you’re doing or trying not to think about it, then you are in the realms of unconsciousness. Please remember everyone that this is how the New World Order wants you – unfeeling and unmindful…or highly emotional with only negative emotions to choose from. They want you to shut the f*** up and shut the f*** down so don’t give them the pleasure.

Control Mechanisms - e.g. the media and mediums of the internet and TV.

This is how we are fed ludicrous ideas which are sometimes adopted unconsciously, to our detriment. There has been no improvement at all in years, in that the first 'posing with a gun in an apparently positive way' was Monsanto's original TV advert for Round Up. Now the whole of the plaza (aka Apple Green garage) is trying to present petrol as an environmental choice, in the same way!    

And now this:

They're calling it a 'revolution' as well, to appeal to those attempting to even think outside the box!

Recently I have cleared the influence of these control mechanisms from my life and I highly recommend it. Admittedly the shifting sands are unnerving. I have to re evaluate my dreams and motivations constantly to check in whether they are imposters to my peaceful, effective, compassionate, true nature or necessary parts of the healing and future. I also have no one delivering mini successes to keep me hooked any more. These were, I realize, sweet nothings! Angels finding me parking spaces, bumping into friends, words of affection, opportunities to make money, people taking a momentary interest in my work…all these things were there to keep me persevering and thinking I was living in the flow and sustained by synchronicity. It was hoped that we wouldn’t notice the invisible ceiling, where all our energy, creativity and humanity were being syphoned off for misuse and to wear us out. 

Yes, it will be a process and we must remain vigilant but this is an opportunity that I think we should all take: Self referencing, independence of mind, following your heart away from violence towards what and who make you feel good. Let’s detox this emotional guidance system of ours and then follow it to the letter.  

To this end, I have cleared 800 misplaced energies from Harmony Hall and soon will have my piano tuned to 432 rather than the 440. Isn't it bang out of order that for the last 100 years or so, manufacturers have made instruments (and no doubt digital stuff as well) to produce sound at the 440 frequency? Some say it makes the sound 'brighter' but actually it is subtly abrasive and provides a pathway for mind control via the disturbance in our natural structural integrity and resonance. We have been held in a state of discord, even at our very best, but not any more. 

How does consciousness help? You can just look and see and sort out. It simplifies life and enriches it tenfold at the same time.

For more information see www.healingbyfranc.com

Upcoming Events

 Yes, that's 23rd July 7.30pm at Harmony Hall!!! €15 Total happiness gig.


Exhibition of Paintings 

Opens on Wednesday 11th July at Graignamanagh Library. Hitting the big time now, after the brilliant 6 weeks in Castlecomer with two talks and a multitude of other developments. People are loving the chance to talk about and get back their souls. They're loving the pictures, the inspiration, the energy work and the raw desserts. Nearly everyone bought a book. So they're loving the writing too. Long may it last...or is it more of a Blake thing?

"He who holds to himself a joy does the winged life destroy. He who kisses the joy as it flies, lives in eternity's sunrise!"