Friday, July 20, 2018

Hertz are the number of vibrations per second.

 I didn’t know until this week what hertz were. I knew that they were a measurement for the strength of an earthquake. From space clearing and the energy work, I knew that a home should register between 4 and 7 hertz but that many houses were off the richter scale and up in the 700s. I had found that any geopathic stress over 300 hertz was quite possibly life threatening. It was also obvious that we are so hardened and used to brazening it out, in the face of electro magnetic charge from appliances, cables and wifi signals that we can endure a lot more than before. 

But at what cost? I could mention learning and developmental difficulties, anxiety and physical illness but these are the higher-end tensions where we’ve ended up. Actually, it’s the lower register I’m interested in. The whole magnitude of our subtle energy bodies has been distorted: Intuition not engaged and emotional guidance system skewed. 

That is why I encourage you to come over for some fine tuning! Instead of the enforced 440 hertz that you’ve been dealing with in music – however heart-centred and skilful the musicians might be – here we have 432 hertz. I had the piano tuned down using the twelve-tone equal temperament tuning and an even temperament seems to be what can now be guaranteed. No more drama or bad feeling, a genuinely new dawn.  One of the things the piano tuner observed was that he found the new base notes ‘non comprehendible to the human ear’. That reminded me of something I read about the 432. These tones and this numerical code to reality were not of human agency.

Who better to celebrate these new base notes and possibly beat them at their own resonant game than David Corley! Who better than Chris Brown to raise the consciousness further. I’ll have to wait and see tonight what frequency the Stephen Stanley band and Hadley McCall Thackston are vibrating at. From their recordings though, I’d say epic. 

They’re playing Waterford and Kilkenny tonight and tomorrow but the big day here is Monday!! 7.30pm Hope to see you here! 

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