Monday, July 25, 2011

How to be a spirit warrior

As Aristotle said, “Happy is the man who passionately defends that which he loves.” I see a spirit warrior as a spirit who has freed itself from obligations, ideals and other unconscious motivations. A spirit that whole heartedly loves who and what they’re drawn to. Many people passionately oppose what they don’t love...but that’s not quite the same thing! And it can keep you busy for a lifetime.

We’re not to get excited by victories and defeats, by differences, debates and power struggles. We are all one, so the exhilaration must come from the unity, the togetherness and the gentle reflections, reminding us that we’re all the same. In passionate defense of love, these moments are the focus. Happiness the result.

Don’t stay in a divisive mood, comparing this to that, wasting your energy starting things and stopping things, trying to stay in some kind of control. Clear your heart of bitterness, don’t justify it! Get some clarity about what your heart desires and then go for it.

Soul is your best friend for implementing these sorts of changes, spiritually.
In the physical, it ties in with no longer drawing on our kidney chi to push on with one’s life but allowing ourselves instead to express our self through our lymphatic systems - infinite, regenerative, sustainable. (I’m on a herbal buzz at the moment and have found Cleavers does this for you..Don’t know if its a plant, mineral or an inanimate object but who cares. I say give it a go).

I recently cleared my ideals. I had 70 tucked away it turned out. Here's to keeping it real while making it magic!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The 5th (unconditional love) and 6th (sacred geometry) dimensions and their impact on 3D

Well, I’ve decided to turn this into a sort of Mills and Boon blog...her lips trembled, her chin quivered...a passion stirred like a curl of smoke arising through autumn leaves. She did not know herself if it would be a forest fire or a slow burning flame...meanwhile back at the ranch the world news comes on the radio. 30 million dying from drought in Somalia and Kenya, 10,000 a day. Should I do something? The inner team says no, the news is a distraction, its not really happening. The only thing I get a yes to is that it is the greedy side of the world’s fault. We’ve used up and unappreciated nature. We’ve received the gift of life and the support with an occasional thank you - maybe when a baby is delivered safely and a few other emotionally charged situations that thankfully go our way in life. Maybe a thank you if someone makes the dinner. The other thing I get a yes to is, nature’s climate can only rebalance if we pay attention to it. Don’t watch on with horror, powerlessness and blame as things go wrong but also don’t look away; watch on with compassion and gratitude. An increase in these vibrations can resonate around the whole globe, nourishing everyone and everything on its surface. Same goes for your inner landscape, reward yourself every day by receiving some love and affection. Once you make the decision, the whole universe conspires to manifest it.

Oh yes, sacred geometry. Have a think about how it applies to your life. For me, its about aligning with all that is. For example, aligning my little schism of energy with the laws of attraction, oneness and manifestation. In this sense, Harmony Hall - because of its design - creates an intersection between the possible and the actual. Living here also requires an acceptance of the law of detachment: Nothing is happening to anyone but everything is happening. The result of this is that, as we become more and more conscious, we need to choose our company carefully, creatively express every bit of information trying to come through us while, at the same time, taking nothing personally. What sort of mad plot is my Mills and Boon love story going to have? to incorporate all this brilliant stuff, when the ammunition for most of them is forbidden pleasure? If I come up with anything good, I’ll say. Most of all, the geometry has an application in healing. God knows, I’ve put the hours in this week on that front. I've also received some amazing energy. Salsa on the new dance floor with my favourite dance partner, the shamanic drumming, a dinner with old friends, mega angel input near Grange Mockler, an exotic fruit bumper harvest near the Pike and my paintings framed beautifully... so I’m very nearly in balance. Thanks for all that. Off out to treat myself to a good time! Please try not to speculate...I’m trying not to! One must trust that we are all fully guided at this stage and that this is where the party starts!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The heart sees deeper than the eye - five languages of love!

In a sixth language - the canter of hooves - Windy said to me last night ‘Yes, a rug please!’
At the same time, in a seventh language, I heard the wind under his tail and in his weather swept eyes, whistling full of exhilaration. Both are true. In the same way, we can be both flying it and laid low all at the same time. There is just a lot of information arising for everyone and for the planet as a whole. For the people I’ve been meeting there are lots of physical expressions of this acceleration of input, for some stress and injury, for me a tiredness, a recurring feeling of being in need of an urgent lie down! Simultaneously, we are also able to run with the new information. I’ve been painting and sculpting for Arts Week - (my exhibitions will be in Esquires, High Street and the Coffee Bean in Loughbuoy and hopefully ceramics in the William Street Gallery), been reviving a beautiful nocturne by Chopin, the Prokofiev Sonata and some love songs that have been on file for ages and wild amounts of energy work are coming in. So its a state of receptivity we need to bring ourselves to, hand in hand with a strong confidence that something amazing is working through us, hand in hand (this is becoming a bit of a barn dance) with an established inner guidance system of how to honour ourselves as we go along (honour the self as opposed to honour ourselves with accolades and/or protect ourselves due to fear!)

So, to honour ourselves we need our love tanks full. And the five languages of love are

Words of affirmation - I will always be there for you!
Physical touch - great chemistry and lasting peace
Acts of service - I pay attention to your physical and emotional needs
Quality time - All time spent in unity is quality time
Gifts - Whatever we bring is a gift, be it an apparent good or bad.

So find the depth of those acknowledgements in yourself and know they’ll be reflected in your 3D!

The most important thing to remember at the moment as far as I can see is that there’s nothing to worry about. Expect the best, fear nothing!

Friday, July 15, 2011

How to keep body and soul together

If any one was wondering, yes this particular moment is your best opportunity to be totally present, to be totally alive. In a constant movement of regeneration, keep recreating your linear reality with more colour, love and integrity. Also notice the ebb and flow - not zeniths and nadirs and mood swings from top to bottom but a giving and receiving flow that is possible in each moment and aligns us to our underlying hologram of happiness and perfection. To spend this moment lamenting the past and worrying about the future does not allow you to participate in the creative abilities of your soul energy. Nor does a sedentary approach of being past caring.

To create the perfect now it is important to go inward to the soul to find clarity (that's not evidential proof that the world is a bad place and certainty that not a thing can be done about it! but more a clarity consisting of a cleared inner landscape where old perspectives that were aligned with chaos and powerlessness take up none of your time and visualization of what resolutions are possible are what your mind alights upon). The outward flow is when that intention resonates from you in movements fuelled by friendship, interest and inner knowing of what we're capable of at our best. Positive change and healing can take place in undreamed of ways.

Our physical reality is meant to be an expression of our soul. Make it so, No.1 !

Monday, July 11, 2011

If in doubt, make your own angel cards.

Shamanic journeying is coming up on friday and I'm looking forward to that. Hope some of you'll come. There's a definite party atmosphere about this summer so far, is that the same for everyone? I've cleared one shop, 72 people, 4 horses and 12 dogs since my last message and starting to feel fairly lively again. That may have been the swim in the sea off Valentia. If you've got time but no clarity, I recommend swimming this time. Or meditating... This is me meditating above! As always the arms are only 'implied' But I'll have life casting perfected one day!

I'll share the entertainment of the alternative angel cards 'channelled' over the weekend when the illustrations are ready to go with them. Think there could be a small fortune in it....a very small fortune probably!x

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happiness in clay , trouble passing in the more subtle fields

Man and his dog

Angel on the wall

swan mates candle sticks

canoe, couple testing the water and Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Couple kissing
Back to the dark side of the soul for a moment. Home truths time! It became apparent suddenly that I was still 1. striving away from the present moment. 2. motivated by external phenomena 3. willing, with the slightest of encouragement, to be there. Be there in every sense, turn up, apply myself, be present emotionally, physically and consciously. I am the same regardless of feedback or response.

After clearings, I’d come back here, clear myself and pass out, processing and releasing the residue of what I had tuned in to. Responses range from one short text saying I won’t be coming again, I feel no benefit from the sessions... Nice! Appreciative! One long text saying thanks so much, I am delighted with how things turned out-steady, calm, totally confident, magic here. Another saying loved it, I am sure that will have a lasting effect and so much food for thought too. Several just wanting to talk on the phone and question my methods - blatantly drawn to my resonance but fantastically unwilling to credit me for any of the positive change happening, let alone book a meeting or pay me. Probably because they’re totally unaware of their own resistance to looking at any of the unconscious material I’m dealing with for them.

What’s it all about, I said to myself. What’s the mirror? Its obviously that I have to master giving 100% but with no attachment to the outcome. The I, ego, must fully disappear and simply become a channel for the attunement, alignment, resolution and clearing. Thankfully this comes completely naturally at this stage and I can do it effectively for myself as well and bring myself back to peace. What flummoxes me though is when I want someone or something for myself. I only want one person and I only want little bits of money to keep the home improvements and weekends away going.

Doesn't seem extravagant but the only way forward I came up with was clearing these dynamics. I think I have rebalanced giving and receiving and getting back in the flow. I have also reminded my over active chi to take a chill pill and stop striving and pouring synergy into every interaction and instead start dreaming of being met half way. Now my little beam of light from source should be able to shine more brightly as a sort of established oasis rather than a willow the wisp, candle in the wind vibe. I am having a cup of tea to celebrate this falling away of another bit of illusion!

I don’t think these fleeting disillusionments are just mine though. Everyone I meet is struggling with something similar. I can only suggest keep clearing, day dream of love and utopia and try and keep showing up for the positive 3D occasions! Show your love! For me that was Shaun and Siobhan’s wedding last saturday, veggie night on sunday, dancing on tuesday and Bonny Belle’s wedding on Valentia on Friday. The photos are my latest creations, glazed and out of the kiln yesterday! I welcome feed back but only positive. I'm so over constructive criticism, think we all are at this stage?

Monday, July 4, 2011

"How are your magnetic fields?"

This is a question we could ask each other during a Tropicana juice break in the morning. . . "Spending a little too much time over fault lines, it feels like!!" we might answer. Our bodies are dealing with levels of radiation and electrical currents that did not even exist a hundred years ago. That's quite a short time in relation to how quickly we can evolve. Adapt or die become our options. Our only means to do that is consciously upgrade our systems. Through space clearing using divining we can explore the different draws on our health, emitting from our environment. We can instantly track the main sources of disturbance to the human energy fields. You already will have noticed some of the effects a place is having on you. Illness, tiredness, insomnia, conflict. All these are just resistances to the information being fired at you from your environment. The clearing gives you a way to meet these frequencies comfortably. The potential is to walk in a lamina flow (a slip stream that does not follow the path of the river or the masses. It finds its own path but creates no friction, turbulence or conflict)

Every time I come home, I clear any low energies that may have taken up residence there. This might be emotions like pain and guilt, they may be toxicity from paint and building work, they may have been left by visitors. Really try and pay attention to where you are and how you're feeling about it ... and then pull yourself together and make the changes you need to make. Clear the darkness you find and choose happiness and gratitude in its place. Then, wherever you go, you're creating a harmonious flow to others and to yourself.

Drumming is on the 15th in the evening, I'm hoping it'll be sunny enough for us to all be on the new dance floor over the stream. I have finished at last the latest tryptich and sold one from my first...above. I'm not sure why I paint, this one must have simply been for peoples' amusement! Its the third from the Billy Joe Trilogy story I wrote. Hope everyone else is feeling creative and leaving time for at least some foolishness every day. Oh yes, I caught the bouquet at the wedding on Saturday so might not be space clearing for too much longer, if you've been procrastinating about having your place done? I'll be off to the Maldives for the rest of time having beautiful moments...In the meantime, count me in for anything geopathic, karmic, animal, vegetable or mineral x

Friday, July 1, 2011

Attending everything without missing Salsa

I'm reporting in from Suffolk, where its 40 degrees at least. Tomorrow I will put my navigational, divining and driving skills to the test by driving into London to SDF's wedding. Already a legend. I have a slight Meet the Focker's feeling as I didn't get any insurance on my hire car as I fully believe I'm having a lucky week and have the angels on my side. Hope no one throws a brick my way to put me straight!

Back in time for the 'No meat and greet' dinner on Sunday, hopefully see most of you there. And then dancing on tuesday. They say happiness is having a lot to live for rather than having a lot to live on. Suddenly, I have something great to live for, thank God, hope everyone else is feeling that lift too. Tonight is a new moon eclipse that will, I gather, get us all in gear to make a move...make it up, rather than downhill fast!x