Friday, February 28, 2014

Harmony Hall Energy Work

The idea I'm working with today is:
Everything that bothers you deeply is really a clue. It makes itself known and points the way.

In the good old days, I would see a butterfly land on a flower and think aha, I should take that path, its a sign! Like Winnie the Pooh, always watching for a movement in the forest around him, he would always say to Tigger something like 'Ah yes, your new den faces South, that is very auspicious -lucky!

Today we are not looking for outer signs though. We are noticing inner signs. Also we're not to make choices by rejecting one uninviting path and trying another! We are to realize that each new uncomfortable awareness is actually showing us a part of ourselves that we still mistake as separate. As we will discuss in the show tomorrow, we are not all one in the sense of all being connected by an invisible thread, we are literally all that there is. The great gift is that that means, if we can come to terms with and accept the energies behind our outrage, deepest pains and thoughts, we will no longer be perpetuating them in our experience. Even in the world.

I'd grasped it before, to a certain extent. I'd spotted that I might be a bit of a liability because I feel strongly about many things. I understood that that was giving those matters - like cruelty or negativity - extra energy! But the idea that we are just being shown what parts of the energetic spectrum we still think are outside us, is very interesting. We can look at it without getting caught up.

I have cleared for open minds for all of us! As a 'walk through' example of how to recognize this dynamic in your life, I did the following clearing.
Personality…I follow my intuition, always. However, it 'bugs' me that this is seen as luck rather than hard work. I am drawing on several other ways of knowing (I gather that the ancient Egyptians had 360 and the aborigines have thirty something) that I have cultivated, using a lot of perseverance, trial and spiritual exploration. I have expanded my consciousness. It bugs me that everything that is not refutable (debatable with logic) or empirically provable (made of solid matter) is dismissed by the wider community.

Hang on, I AM the 'wider community' too. I am not an individual standing for a truth in the face of opposition from a big group. That is an old piece of illusion. So I am not a minority. So I cannot be victimized and my vision ignored. To keep confronting the difficult parts of the illusion, like bad political decisions and unfair treatment of people and animals, is to keep the illusion alive. To get angry and demonstrate is to invest more energy in the dark side again. Your own dark side too. You immerse yourself in heavy energy, angry, worried and small! As they say, "resistance is futile" and "What you resist, persists!" But see how giant we've realized we are as well. We are IN all things. We can wield a gigantic amount of influence from this position as well.

So I ask the universe if I can fully acknowledge the deepest pain that the situation brings up in me. Sit there, feeling it and then decide to release it from your body. You will no longer hold on to that frequency so strongly. Without it simmering away, magnetizing event after event to fuel the fire inside you, you will have transferred your participation into a conscious one. You will literally be creating less  painful happenings in the world. With enough of us at it, so to speak!, we can bring the whole world back into balance; non GM food on every table, someone to love every living being, free energy, peace on earth.

That is what this evolution of consciousness is really all about. We are being forced to become socially aware and personally aware of all the divisiveness we think there is. We have been thinking wrong! We  are not separate and we can now systematically dismantle the last mega strong-holds of polarized conditioning and make ourselves free to do the epic interventions we need to do. You are more than enough for the task in hand!

Here is the link to my radio show Healing From Harmony Hall - that goes out tomorrow (but will be there as an archive after tomorrow as well!) Freya Lawton joins me for our second conversation on consciousness and she sparked the clarity of this post, so distance healing will no doubt be broadcasting out to all who listen too.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

How To Influence Politics and Your Own Life's Course!

There is only one way to change what is happening in the world, from big business and government, from financial hardship to conflict and cruelty. We have to recognize how we ourselves have participated in creating the problems. We have created this chaos (that we'd rather not take responsibility for!) by our beliefs. We believe that we arrive into this world, minute and vulnerable and continue to receive what is thrown at us until we die. Maybe, just maybe, we can make a big splash we think, but we have no idea how big a splash! Listen to my interview with Freya Lawton coming up to hear this gold fish analogy played out, in all its glory! We are infinite beyond measure; a part of all the expertise and brilliance there is! Its great to get a chance to share this understanding of consciousness! Thanks, to the Creating Calm Network, for galvanizing me into action, with these scheduled shows. Twenty five weeks of total clarity so far and so much more to come!!

Healing From Harmony Hall

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Eirgrid Meeting-Lets get the democratic process of voting for or against happening!

Well we went for our date night but the atmosphere was pretty dense. The first speaker up was a doctor and researcher of electro magnetic fields and their relation to child leukemia. He said electrical fields go around us and magnetic fields go through us but neither were really anything to worry about as its only a low emission. He said we're much more likely to get killed on the road. It sounded a bit absurd. Then he said even Chernobyl didn't kill that many people and none in Ireland.

If any of you have ever had a general anaesthetic or a drink spiked at a bar, it was the same feeling. I was struggling for consciousness, trying to think and make sense of what was being said, wanting to respond but intense tiredness and confusion taking over as I slipped away into a troubled catatonic daze. He took questions afterwards and another doctor got an agreement out of him that Eirgrid had lied when they said they 'know' there's no risk. He also agreed that more research should be done. Another man raised the problem of drone fields. As we know, if all the bees die, we will soon follow and these cables will disrupt our remaining bees without a shadow of a doubt. Then I got up, praying for clarity and it came, thank God, as it always does.

I disputed the speaker's last sentence: 'If we wait for certainty, we will never take action.' I pointed out that in medicine, the intention is to find cures and that timely action would certainly make a difference. Whereas with the pylons, the intention is to just make money. There is no one behind the plan with any other agenda and with any human interest at all. Having borrowed from the banks and got the tax payer to pay it back, they are now borrowing from Europe and want us to pay it back. I said, lets not take action yet. Lets wait until we have the cable free technology ready and the state of the art renewable energy and bring that into production. I made the usual points about it not being infrastructure but for export. I said we don't want to borrow the money, we have electricity and we don't want pylons.  

Secondly, I disputed his suggestion that people should not get bitter, we must communicate our concerns and have them put to rest! I agreed that bitterness after the event doesn't help but that there is no communication possible. The whole process has been completely one sided. There are thousands and thousands of objections lodged with Eirgrid. None of them will reach the planning board when they put in their application. If we want to object again, it will cost the individual 50 euro each time.

Thirdly, I asked about the health risks of water pollution. If each pylon has to be given a foundation of at least 40 metres, that's deeper than many wells. People have been refused licenses to dig a well as they may contaminate the next household's well down the line. This is another massive environmental impact with health implications surely. Furthermore, not being allowed to dig your own well, like not being allowed to erect one's own small windmill, smacks of people being made more and more dependent on  national schemes that can be metered and monopolized.

He didn't say one word to any of these concerns.

The last man to ask a question mentioned a heap of scientists and papers, all of which had been hushed up, that all confirmed a great health risk. He tactfully called the speaker's presentation 'extremely conservative!'

I felt glad I had said something. One person thought the concerns and objections were good and clear but surely no one can do anything now the 300 billion has been accepted. Someone said I maybe should not have said I do energy healing (and that several clients; electricians and bankers working in the central computers office had suffered for years with chronic exhaustion and other symptoms, as a result of electric magnetic stress exposure). But I'm happy that I presented myself as a lay man with unarguable and legitimate points raised. I didn't give away that my mother's a retired nurse and my father a retired high court judge and that very soon, if the government doesn't remember that this is a DEMOCRACY and they must let the people vote on whether they want the Eirgrid project, the loan, fracking, speed fattening of animals and the management of illness via antibiotics, genetically modified foods, chemical spraying, laws against ruining the environment, laws to protect animals and other vulnerable groups…So, yes, we still have a democratic process that we can use to create a different future for Ireland and if this process is not played out with votes and changes and much hope and happiness all round, I intend to take the lot to the cleaners for crimes against humanity … and am fully equipped to do so!

Phil Prendergast who called the meeting is a Social Democrat but I gather that that perspective is very close to communist - like China, Russia and North Korea …and we all know a bit about what human rights problems they have in those countries. I'm sticking with the words on face value though 'social' and 'democrat'.  She was well informed and against the pylons and I think needs to be voted in to Europe to do something about it. But I'm afraid I couldn't stick around to hear all the other speakers, so I don't know what the 'realistic alternatives' are, that she was going to explore. I did notice on the doctor's chart though that the magnetic fields around underground cables are equal to those going over head. The earth doesn't shield that much, which people might have been hoping it would!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Letter to - re: Eirgrid. Please write too or cut and paste something of mine, if its easier!

She wrote that this friday's conference in the Newpark Hotel, Kilkenny from 7-10pm will 'feature a number of distinguished speakers…please rsvp'
I wrote: 
'Dear Phil,
I have a difficulty with your description 'distinguished speakers' as the only people who believe Eirgrid's project is worth doing at all are all financially benefiting from it. The only thing that would distinguish a speaker is if they pointed out that this is not an infrastructure development but a big business plan to export electricity. Eirgrid are 100% unfit to manage such a project and they have been specifically chosen, no doubt, as porns in a larger game. 15,000 euro was spent in the bar at the Daal, the night the plan was agreed. A lot of drunk men making bad decisions. A further few coerced politicians, including a green party politician signed the loan agreement for  300 billion at Dublin Castle. It maybe that they are being paid off or it maybe that the powers that be have some damning information on them to manipulate with. Either way, the Irish people from one end to the other, know there is no need for the cable, know that it is an act of vandalism against the whole country that relies on tourism, knows that the 400kV cable brings an increase in cancer and knows that there is pure corruption behind the process as there has been no transparency about where the routes are planned. Even this upcoming meeting was brought to my attention by someone in the West, not the South East where its taking place. This goes against European law that people must be informed. It is absurd that people need planning permission to erect a 1KW windmill at their own home and yet these vast monstrosities (45 metre + high pylons) are planned across every skyline. Please visit Waterford City where it has already unfolded without planning permission, right over looking the bridge and a primary school. The corruption was almost complete when the head of the planning office An Bord Pleanola moved to Eirgrid at the end of last year, in a management role. 7 years of planning and nobody thought of laying the cable near the motorway, that is just finished. There has been a farce process where people were invited to bring their concerns to Eirgrid via post and email. Then the deadline was extended to include Christmas where everyone would lose interest and now culminates in this meeting, to be held on Valentine's Day from 7-10pm! Who is really going to want to be there? The Eirgrid feedback process has been despicable as it has been invited in such a way as the public might be invited to object a planning application but, in this instance, the planning office will never need to be told of the millions of strong objections made by individuals and groups . They only went to Eirgrid's inbox. When we contacted the planning office they said we haven't received a planning application yet, when we do, anyone can object as long as its with the accompanying fee of €50. Suffice to say that means that all the objections were for nothing. For a real overview of public feeling about the plan, please have a quick look at Care For Clara and Save Our Heartland on Facebook. 

We, the people of Ireland, without exception, are against the cable on visual grounds, health concerns, environmental damage, cost etc. We do not agree to accepting the loan in the first place. We don't agree to paying it back. We don't agree to paying extra back to have the cable laid underground. We don't agree to the pylons, we don't agree to the cable full stop. We don't agree that its infrastructure, we don't agree that its necessary. 

We are grateful that you as a representative of Ireland from the European parliament are coming. It is a  relief that Europe is getting involved. However, we ask that you look into free energy technology that has been around a long time that requires no cables, before you give approval for country after country to be ruined in this way. 

Without any agreement for this stage lot of construction, Eirgrid also have plans for more. Previously unmentioned  conventional generation stations (non renewable source power stations) are planned and another string of pylons. Don't threaten us with higher bills and an only fractionally better option - underground cables. Stop the project. We're happy with the electricity we have and lets think again when we have perfected low profile renewable sources (not the 10 years out of date wind turbines we were given when there's perfectly good new designs that lie flat to the ground) and not fracking. It is unacceptable that 10,000 litres of water per well are polluted, there are 6 wells per fracking pad and there is a 6-well pad every 2km ad infinitum. You must recognize some grand agenda to kill us all off stone dead, first by demoralizing us with further debts in a recession and then by creeping non specific illnesses, that can't quite be accountable as caused by electro magnetic stress or water and air pollution. 

Please address the points raised above, if you can on Friday.   
 Best regards, Frances'

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Quiz…with the answers!

 How much of our blue planet is salt water and unfit for human use?
a) 50% b) 70% c) 97.5%?      C

Where is the majority of fresh water
a) Lakes b) rivers c) polar regions   C

What percentage of fresh water is usable
a) 20% b) 50% c) 1%     C

What factors increase our demand for water?
Increase in population, industrialization, drought and irrigation

What percentage of world water use is consumed by
Agriculture: 70%
Domestic Use: 8%
Industry: 22%

How much water in litres is needed to produce a kilo of food in the following:
Potatoes 1,000
Wheat     1,400
Rice         3,450
Chicken  4,600
Beef     42,500
It takes 7 litres of water to produce one plastic water bottle.

By 2025 two thirds of the world’s people will be facing water stress - 11 years from now!

Water need
The recommended basic water requirement is 50 litres per day but people can get by with 30 litres a day. The average use in
Britain:         200 litres
Gambia:          4.5 litres
Mali:               8 litres
Uganda           9.3 litres
USA             500 litres

Due to chemicals, pollution, toxins, human and animal waste and don’t get me started on fracking there are a lot of people getting sick. 4 Billion case of diarrhea worldwide every year and 2.2 million avoidable deaths…a death every 14 seconds. Most of the world does not have a safe supply of water and in some countries women walk for hours to fetch water. In Jakarta, the poor pay water vendors 60 times the price of water on the standard connection, in Haiti they pay 100 times! 

Half a billion people live in countries chronically short of water. By 2050 this is likely to rise to more than 4 billion. The problem is exacerbated by unsustainable depletion of groundwater stock, where nearly all of the world’s available fresh water is stored. 97% of fresh water is stored in these aquifers. They are severely deplete in parts of India, China, the Middle East, the U.S. and North Africa. The world is currently running a groundwater overdraft of 200 billion cubic metres a year.

Source: New Internationalist. Guardian.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Clear yourselves of negativity asap!

Listening to How Can I protect You In This Crazy World and feel like weeping again for the situation I leave behind in England – elderly lady in the hands of a defensive bully. This is a tricky combination.  Then my mind goes to the grief stricken lady looking after 360 something rescued animals and chickens in Durham and being evicted from her farm due to arrears. Why can’t the banks make more money whn its called for, rather than when it suits them? Then my mind goes to the Pakistanis, bare-foot, playing football and hop scotch and then being  hit by drones as possible threats to the US. I feel a nervous tension coursing through my body. I speculate with a friend how can we feel any love in our hearts for our partners, families, pets or anything else we’re in principle grateful for and are, in principle, sources of joy when our minds are opening to more and more awareness. How can it not generate bad feeling? I got a confirming intuition that there is no alternative, at least initially. I got the symbolic source of the negativity to be the New World Order – an unpleasant web of demoralizing lies that perpetuate polarity, victimization and persistent negativity. There’s no room for love with anger in your heart, so it is each of our responsibility’s to clear ourselves. I will help but only people who are committed and animals  of course!!