Saturday, February 22, 2014

How To Influence Politics and Your Own Life's Course!

There is only one way to change what is happening in the world, from big business and government, from financial hardship to conflict and cruelty. We have to recognize how we ourselves have participated in creating the problems. We have created this chaos (that we'd rather not take responsibility for!) by our beliefs. We believe that we arrive into this world, minute and vulnerable and continue to receive what is thrown at us until we die. Maybe, just maybe, we can make a big splash we think, but we have no idea how big a splash! Listen to my interview with Freya Lawton coming up to hear this gold fish analogy played out, in all its glory! We are infinite beyond measure; a part of all the expertise and brilliance there is! Its great to get a chance to share this understanding of consciousness! Thanks, to the Creating Calm Network, for galvanizing me into action, with these scheduled shows. Twenty five weeks of total clarity so far and so much more to come!!

Healing From Harmony Hall

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