Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Changing Your Course - Energy Clearing

No need to just stand there, tired, broke, unhappy, not getting on that well with anyone. We have this new bit of information at our fingertips. We can change every area of our lives and do it ourselves with no more reference to what’s said on the television, or by the government or a doctor. This is not something we need to study or learn as if someone else knows more. All we have to do is remember. It is the realization that we are each creating every thing that is happening in our lives. Its happening because we chose it a long time ago. It was all pretty much unconscious then but bring those choices to the surface and then you can really change course.

We always hoped to be a bit magnetic, attracting people and success and luck and we really are magnetic. Unfortunately, as we grow up we only really attract more and more experiences just like ones before, ones that confirm our first beliefs. These often involve distrust, fear and scarcity. We come to identify ourselves as cautious people managing in a difficult world. Gandhi said ‘live the change you want to see in the world’ and that’s what we’re doing when we make conscious choices and get in to the present moment. Its much more productive than being in anxiety about the future or sadness about the past.

Its a relief to everyone who comes to find that fresh perspectives and awareness are possible, releasing memories and trauma in an effortless way and opening up emotional and mindful practices.

I am looking forward to our Valentia Island workshop next week. I intend to do a few more two day workshops here in Kilkenny, in the summer. I really think they give people time for their most entrenched ideas to come up and also time to stay with the awareness for the really big shifts in perception to be established. Don't forget its often your environment keeping you a bit stuck, like where there is geopathic stress, stagnant water underground, electromagnetic stress or an unhappy child or colleague. Keep noticing, clearing and accepting. Everything is solvable and starts with a conscious choice.
Next drumming is 8th May - noon
Next clearing course 12th, 19th and 26th April - 7pm

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Silence and Freedom

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I find myself alone at last. The silence here is complete, even the stream and birds are quiet. Boyfriend is gone and beloved housemates are moving out, moving on, so no one's about to come home. There's no personality or mood or meal to anticipate. There's no sharing of the day, our love of stories labelling the day good or bad, epic or non descript, worthwhile or futile. No one's expected for clearing either, so there's no need to have anything ready or apply myself. The freedom is blissful. I can hardly believe I get to be here. My heart and mind hover over the scene, thankful, loving, giddy with possibility.

I think the key is living on purpose the whole time. This week, that has meant eating only organic food (a self respecting detox that was fairly crucial and I intend to continue, as I spend the rest of my time detoxifying everything else!) I have also bought a Culticave which is a very groovy tent for growing food for our conscious lunches . . . don't forget there is drum meditation, clearing and lunch this saturday 20th March, twelve to three. . . it might be best not to come too hungry to this one as the tent's not arrived yet! Hopefully, as usual, we can be frugal and happy and there'll be enough for everyone.

It might be slightly a pity that St Patrick drove the snakes out as snakes do represent the most ancient wisdom! Luckily, we've found a way to remember everything we need to know!