Monday, November 19, 2012

A Positive Power Trip

Today is a day for counting your blessings, no doubt about it. For me, anyway, I am downstairs at first light to check the horses after the gale. The whole fence was lying on the floor and Windy was resting a front foot which its hard to see as a good sign. To draw the positives, though, they were both within the fence and didn’t tear out as I ran around, in my dressing gown, attaching it to the posts again. When the wind blows that strong, I feel the turbulence of the whole planet. Spirits seem to run riot. I know the only grip they have is through fear so I paid attention and didn’t fall for it. Now in the light of day, I have also recognized the eternal force of nature. That is what the storm was trying to remind us of. There is that power within each of us. It is only destructive if we fear it, in ourselves or the misuse of it by others. If you can, celebrate that power instead now. Its part of oneness, part of you. I’d go as far as to say its the bit of you with the most potential!! So that’s my plan anyway, to let the fear go and get the feel good factor going again.