Sunday, June 1, 2014

Getting centred on a Sunday!

The top ten things I love to do:

Romance - a tantra course should expand on that aspect of life, where desire and conscious manifesting work together for the good, bordering on the totally groovy.

Heal - an energetic adventure into releasing the illusions of separation that keep us from the ocean of life force available to us and that we really are.

Magic - those moments when you realize the whole universe is conspiring on your behalf to bring the people and situations you need, right on time

Ride the horse - to sit on Windy and set off is to instantly transport myself into the the best day of my life, so far…every time.

Write - 'telling it like it is' and 'envisioning it like it could be' documents. It is an area of self-trust and a gift of clarity that I will always be grateful for.

Play the piano and guitar - not usually at once! That 7th dimension of sound is important to me and a God-send in reaching beyond the mundane perspectives.

Dance - It has always been salsa for me but I saw Irish dancing like never before recently and it was as rhythmic and embodying as any flamenco drama I've had the pleasure to watch. Turning any music up and moving is enough though as no-one will know choreographed or graceful my actual dance was.

Garden - There's going to be soya, potatoes, peas and 50 million other things but even tending the soil and breaking it up by hand takes me down in to first gear, peaceful and purposeful.

Chat to the animals in my life. Its the way I have to keep learning and keep loving.

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