Monday, June 16, 2014

A Clear Description of the Personal and Professional Wellbeing & Advocacy service offered by Frances Micklem

Healing by Franc offers an internationally traded healing service. It is a knowledge-based service, offering an innovative reconnection to your real self, in all its glory and potential. Via a deep acknowledgement of your past and aspects of the present, a person is freed from the misplaced identification with narrow roles and limiting beliefs. During the process, the person learns skills of objectivity, perspective and empathy themselves. This continued clarity and ability to navigate through previously emotionally charged situations, leads to self mastery in the highest degree. Energy clearing guides the client from a disempowered way of life, believing that everything happens to us to a new life of peaceful presence and future creations, each consciously chosen, to look forward to.

Energy Clearing is part of the growing culture of alternative health and sustainability. This service is unique, my clients have said, as it offers the missing part of the jigsaw for many people on a spiritual path. I think this may be because I always deal with soul retrieval first. 94% of people across the globe are living without any connection to their soul. Rather than this being a necessary survival mechanism in a busy world with many unfeeling practices, it is actually life threatening. Back in the days before modern medicine, soul loss was documented as the number one cause of death - preempting every disease of the body, mind or even accident.

There are so many ways to work that living in the wilds of Harmony Hall BioArchitecture Retreat seems to offer a perfect setting, rather than a remote location. Some clients send me a greetings card with details of which of their offspring they want cleared - the son in Australia who couldn't find work - the son in Dublin who was being harangued at work - the daughter with Fibre Mialga (spelling always tricky with that ailment) who hadn't been able to get out of bed for months. Others come for a first clearing and then have phone appointments for clarity and support. I work with others on Skype and then there's the fun part when I'm flown in, in person, to clear a new house of its predecessor's traces or a troubled trusty steed. This is crucial work, a real investment in yourself and a chance at a clean slate.

If you like the sound of it but you are more DIY in style, I have a book out called How To Live As One How To Live As One by Frances Micklem - a guide to healing negativity and moving from an old paradigm way of thinking to a new and a video shows the simple tools in action on the Healing by Franc website. Radio shows every Thursday and Saturday on The Creating Calm Network and more videos to follow on my you tube channel. Maybe see you on the dark side…but will definitely see you once you come back into the light, lots of love Frances

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