Friday, August 9, 2013

Even Flow

Take a moment to do a body scan...of yourself...or you might get a well deserved slap! For once, pay no attention to your outside appearance, having gained or lost a few stone or millimeters. Do not compare your hair or skin to a random, airbrushed ideal you saw recently or to what you were like 10 years ago. This is a time to go inside. Right in the centre of your chest, you will feel something, in the pit of your stomach too. Even in your knees and calves, there are messages being sent to and fro. Before you can start to read them, intend to feel them atleast! Then, with gentleness, ask to bring any tension or turmoil back to an even flow. The peaceful undercurrent is constant and more true to form than any more edgy physical expressions you've come up with! All we had to do was ask!

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