Monday, August 12, 2013

The apparent rift between healing and hospital treatment...only apparent obviously as its all one! But I know which one I would choose!

How can we heal the discordant riff/rift between healing and hospital treatment? When in pain, the mind cries out for relief. It also cries out for someone to assuage the fear that the pain is something serious, dangerous or life-threatening! Yes something definitely needs to be addressed but maybe by us ourselves, not an external specialist!

So, an old painful injury spirals to a new peak of pain. One's threshold is breached and life is unbearable. You go to the hospital and they start painkillers with paracetemol and dyphene. You point out that they do not address nerve pain and you're allergic to diphene and your insides are now bleeding. A nurse says 'you've got a mouth, why didn't you say?' You had said, when you were admitted. As the days go on, you are more sick and increasingly confused than before. You find out they're now giving lyrica, another tablet you had said your system couldn't tolerate. It leads to sleeplessness and depressed moods.

You get a friend to write down all the questions you have for the doctor. You hope to find a pain relief that works and a long term plan, like how you might get better! You gather all your previous GP and Specialist notes and wait there expectantly. The doctor says I do not want to read your questions or the background to the problem.  He announces 'You sound low, I'm going to recommend you see a psychiatrist'.

No chance to mention the lyrica mood side effects. (All the pharmaceuticals must be tested on animals or a test group of people but isn't it a pity not to listen to conscious feed back on the actual experience of someone taking them!) No chance to see if the scans had revealed anything helpful. No relief from the pain but, instead, an offer to be carted off to a psychiatrist where, no doubt, yet more tablets would be prescribed and, low and behold, the right to refuse them taken out of your hands!

At this point, you book yourself out asap!

I looked at a pack of Love Hearts sweets for an alternative treatment.
They read, in order of appearance: Hug Me, Spoil Me, Relax, Kiss Me, I Hope, Love You!
Now, there is a plan much more conducive to recovery!

I would add to that, to keep clearing and acknowledging yourself. Two other pearls of wisdom I have heard today too - Any day you cast a shadow is a good day! That keeps it real doesn't it! And 'Magic is the kitchen of the earth!' It is the way we can cook great things up!

I am glad to report that here at Harmony Hall we still believe in rehabilitation without medication!

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