Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The only thing that can guarantee a happy and healthy life is high self esteem

Esteem is an old fashioned word. You can imagine Richard Burton saying 'I held her in high esteem' but maybe not Matt Damon, although he looks like he has the capacity for it. It means to assign a favourable opinion, regard and respect. If you do not value your existence and your character, it is impossible to enjoy any experiences however great a success, however exciting or however adored you might be by everyone else. If you berate yourself as a bit of a burden to someone, or inferior to any of your peers, that difficult frequency will eventually manifest in the body...perhaps as cervical cancer! as that is what is under discussion at the moment! It is related to being 'sexually active' they say. Well, I guarantee that if you love yourself and love the people you spend your time with, you will not be disturbing your emotions, having ambivalent interactions and nor will you be disturbing any cells and kicking off a nightmare for yourself. It is as simple as that. For several people this week I have cleared their self esteem up to 100%. For most it was at about 40%. This is a reasonable figure but easily thwarted by what someone with a more fragile ego might throw at you, at work or in the street for example. Today, I am asking what tangible actions raise your esteem for each of your energy fields.

Emotional Energy Field - affirm to yourself first thing in the morning 'I am loving, I am loved'. Who cares then what arbitrary challenges you might face.
Mental Energy Field - Give merit to your open mindedness. Get comfortable with the realization 'I may be wrong' This cuts through the polarity of both defiance and doubt. You realize that all that matters is that your mind is quiet and receptive and you're confident in keeping it that way.
Spiritual Energy Field - Toy, regularly, with the idea that we are all energy so we are all connected. That makes you powerful whenever you choose to identify with a great bit. Say 'I am as much Einstein, Rockefeller, Branson, Ginger, Mother Earth (and insert any great musicians, leaders, artists, celebrities, dignitaries that you admire) as anyone else is'. Identify with majestic or divine parts of all there is more and more to expand your personal identity beyond your current physical experience.
Physical Energy Field - Eat one organic item, at least, every day and spend a moment receiving that healthy nourishment and congratulating yourself on your decision to support Mother Nature and her way of doing things. That way you will thrive in her care!

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