Saturday, August 3, 2013


It feels great to have my salsa shoes on again. There's a lovely atmosphere here at the Cork Bonanza and I'm looking forward to a full day of workshops tomorrow. Once you know some patterns and can lead, follow and spin, salsa becomes a mainly spiritual matter: A race against time to get past one's fear of not being as good as everyone else. When faced with your equivalent of this experience, I recommend clearing beforehand. On my drive down I cleared for 100% grace and zero bleak moments. You always get exactly what you ask for and this way you guarantee success. For fun, invite an animal to join you. For me tonight, it was the energy of the wolf. A wolf ensures you don't get lost for long and total protection from inadvertent energy drains - you can imagine a night when you might have 10 men in your arms! Or women, if you are a man! And one of them is bound to have something going on unconsciously! More importantly, love all your dances and outings of any kind. Thank you to everyone who took me for a spin this evening! What about now as a good moment to explore your wild side?!

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