Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Important Space Clearing Mission

There are several magical and instant ways out of negativity. One is of course splitting to Tenerife for some R and R. It is working very well for me and I can’t help but fully realize that the sun really is ‘going to shine on everything thing you do’. It is 90 million miles away with only a strip or two of cloud in between. That means that the light will be a constant gift, the warmth will be a wonderful occasional plus!

If, however, it is totally overcast where you are and you are relying on the light of consciousness? Well, that can also guide you out of negativity.  Notice and stop yourself when you hear an even faintly miserable or ungenerous thought or word emerge. Ask yourself, do I want to expand this particular frequency into a whole manifest situation. Surely not. Don’t pass it off as a little rant or moan, nip it in the bud and drum up something you’re glad instead…

Talking of drumming. I’d just like to say how grateful I am to everyone who’s always come or ever come to the drumming at Harmony Hall. It is such an unusual event, to shed vast tracts of personal and collective history and explore new levels of consciousness. Sometimes our journeys help each other, sometimes we set a shared intention to bring healing to something in nature. Goodness knows what we’re capable of, but I’ve got a feeling its going to be epic. They say that if people keep showing up and participating in these healing meditations and generally the rising of awareness, we could reach a critical mass.

No! A ‘critical mass’ isn’t a messy brawl  of angry people having a go at each other! I believe it is a certain amount of directed energy that suddenly affects the whole world via positive shift. Just imagine, everyone paying attention to their fellow man and  celebrating the gifts in every environment! Thanks agin good people and beautiful world!   

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