Monday, September 29, 2014

Autumn, Fall, Ruska - a golden time for shedding what is burnt out and returning to your core restoration

It may seem that I wish to change people's minds about reality. This is especially when I say that we are not individuals, we are all connected and reflected energy. Also when I say that being vegan is better for you and everyone than continuing to eat your own choice of foods. These are just conclusions that I have reached. These are just changes that I have made, as I have learnt how to change my own mind. This great gift includes being able to observe  and release attachments to my old ideas and conditioning. It no longer amounts to a true story that I have to keep to for the rest of my life. I can change my mind when more congruent information becomes available to me. I have been careful to check my identification with my thoughts. Just because I feel anxious, does not mean the anxiety is mine. Even if it is, I am not rendered a disempowered anxious person. I remain an eternal being who happens to be experiencing anxiety. As I read recently, detachment is not about not owning anything, it is the experience that nothing owns you. This is the gift I really want to give other people too. The great gift of renewed space within our own minds, so that we can grow, change if we want to, integrate or let go of parts of our lives that aren't in alignment with our passions, peace and purpose.

To this end, I would like people to think of Harmony Hall as a self-sufficiency training centre. First and most importantly, it offers visitors mental independence. Imagine that! Future decisions no longer governed by fear, old patterns or external pressure. Course work involves stopping your own identification with your emotions, past, job or all of the above. Then Part 2 is self-sufficiency in your Environment. Where does all your stuff come from? Furniture, clothes, food, electricity, water? Who is looking after it? Learning how you can look after micro and macro situations from the safe centre of yourself will be next. In Part 3, there is visioning work. Given that what was limiting you is now released, we can ask and get a clear answer as to what your soul actually wants to do. Let the synchronicities, inspiration and soulful energy take the wheel again.

On the Healing From Harmony show every saturday, there is an opportunity to acknowledge several pieces of the jigsaw. If you want to commit to this growth, then feel free to Skype me for a personal or home energy clearing. If you're really inspired, make a plan to come to Harmony Hall in Kilkenny, Ireland. There are 2, 4 and 9 hour courses available.
The two hour intro, includes a substantial clearing by yours truly plus the basics of divining and developing a daily practice. (€80)
The four-hour can be two hours one afternoon and two hours the next, for an individual or couple
(€160 includes accommodation)
Or  a four-hour can be a half day course for a group, including a copy of my book, How To Live As One (€65)
The nine-hour is either for individuals, staying a friday to sunday, or for a group, who meet here three evenings over three weeks.

Other autumn missions are also under way here; I have draft-proofed the windows, cut and stacked the fire wood, cleaned the chimney and the winter paddock is fenced for the trusty steeds. This means that people might also survive a visit here in midwinter, if that's the time you have to play with!

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