Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to deal with interference from HAARP, nano technology and other deliberate contaminations.

There are organizations who would like to see the individual rooted to the spot in terror or 6 feet under ( – preferably through suicide – so that no blame can be pinned on them) or addicted to a small life of persecution, poverty and illness.
One such organization is HAARP. They use electro magnetic waves to transmit the darkest of human emotions direct to their target groups, to use mass demoralization as a weapon. They also mess about with the weather, taking risks with temperature peaks and troughs at an atmospheric level that would send a chill down anyone’s spine. This is truly powerful technology being used destructively. Similarly, the nano technology is being spread around in crop sprays. These microscopic robots gather data but also have long been programmed to reach the seat of the emotions in the human brain. This provides a means for remote viewing and remote control, combined. So! If you’re feeling a bit down and wondering what came over you? That was probably someone turning down the dial away from enthusiasm, consciousness, acceptance and joy 
And setting you up for a bleak moment and eventually total overwhelm.

People with a developed awareness and empathy are particularly susceptible to this sort of interference. If I give you the example of an organic farmer: He is a threat to Monsanto by raising awareness of non organic methods, just by his choices. He has chosen not to use pesticides. In his efforts to justify his more expensive produce, he explains that extra labour of love it involves, to avoid sprays, for weeds and pests. He notices things like Genetically Modified food creeping on to the market. He notices that the chem–trailing planes are flying and spraying even over his land and even over non-agricultural land! He asks questions and everybody who already knows and trusts him listens to the answers too. Maybe this aspect of listening is the most important of all. The  organic farmer is training himself to listen to the land again, listen to the forecasts of weather and coming seasons and listen to his own attitudes. For one it might be that nature is kind to those who mind her and everything grows just as well without chemically. Some feel they are fighting the good fight against the odds. These are the people I hope to help today.

You can literally fill in the blank
“I feel strongly that what is happening to ………… is wrong, tragic and deplorable.”
I know many people who care deeply about animals and are rendered in a permanent state of devastation, the more information filters down to them. Much of that information is being fed deliberately to us, via the internet, TV and the News.

Then someone like me says you have to let it go! Not only do you think you can’t let it go, you also feel strongly that you should hold on to it. If you stop caring, all hell will let loose and all sorts of atrocities will get past you, because you’ve taken your eye off the ball. The facts remain that you are no good to anyone if your minds are full to bursting with everyone’s suffering. I am going to tell you the mechanism for letting go and a few things that will need to go. Be systematic about it and I guarantee that once you’ve navigated your own way out of the quagmire, you will realize where your true power comes from and still have the will to wield that power for the good.

You need to let go of the emotion about the thing. In the bigger picture there is an unfolding and so you can also take this opportunity to find out what your worst nightmares are. Lets get them out of the way before you create them in reality! You can either keep creating your unconscious fears, inexhorably repeating scenarios…. Or! You can get conscious, get an objective perspective and then you are in a position to hold a space for resolution within yourself and to ripple out to the situation you want to address.

So, without further ado, say to yourself  ‘It doesn’t matter if all humanity goes to hell in a handbasket (I love that expression of Freya Lawton’s  from www.thepeace Or you can say ‘It doesn’t matter if ……’ and fill in the blank. For example, if you have dedicated your whole adult life to saving animals, it will be difficult to say they don’t matter but trust yourself enough to know that you will still care. It’s the ‘mattering’ not the animals that you’re intending to let go of. The outcome will be that you can stop searching for resolution in an overcrowded mind of suffering, cruelty, vivisection, factories and ignorance. With your heart and equilibrium restored, you are in a much better position to hold a space for animals, to take meaningful actions to help and allow clarity and creativity to really come up with a positive intervention.  Deepak Chopra says that merely allowing a gap between your thoughts is sufficient to allow in the ‘infinite organizing power of Nature’. We don’t need to sort it all out but we do need to contact someone who can! This takes place by reconnecting with our inner selves, others, Nature, our divine aspects.

But before we can really get on with tackling our own stuff we need to get HAARP and nano infiltrations off your case.

To do this, pick up a pendulum. It is not really healing using divining. It is using it as a gauge to see when each section is completely cleared. Swing it clockwise to get things going (on Home Page there is a video introduction to using the pendulum to start from the very beginnng).
Swing it and ask that all HAARP and nano  are cleared from your body. When it stops, swing it again and ask that any negative effects, from having carried that stuff around thinking it was yours for so long, be cleared. Then swing it and ask to clear your etheric energy field; your environment, to all intents and purposes.
Swing it and ask to clear anything else working against you, again the adverse effects and again your etheric. Do this often. It is not that it is done once and you’re free. Once you’re on top of the external influences on your well-being, then it is time to go deeper inside and see what else you have in store. This is both good and bad but never indifferent; you are learning navigation via compassionate acknowledgement, at its highest level. Once you crack it, you’ll be unstoppable.

If you want a blast of concentrated support to launch this mission, let me know!

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