Thursday, September 11, 2014

Casting off the ball and chain of oppression

In my morning reflection, I asked the question, how far back do problems go. We tend to think of situations being created in our lifetimes, by our set of circumstances and experiences. However I got as far as 700 years earlier.

A hundred years of family problems, unexpressed feelings, unmentioned abuse.
A hundred years of superiority, inferiority as men and women, rich and poor.
A hundred years of dirt and hardship. No facilities, light, water, food not yet freely available.
A hundred years of domination. Of other people abroad, animals, land and Nature
A hundred years of pain and endurance. Bad teeth no dentists, no hygiene. Illness and injury, no relief
A hundred years of vulnerability. Short, low impact life spans. Dependence on land and weather.

Cleared all that, for all of us, and realized that that is what has been stopping this generation's empowerment. We can do anything we like, but we had still been feeling like victims. There has been disillusionment, bullying, inertia and despondency. But that is the weight of our collective past. Or rather, that WAS the weight of our collective past! I cleared it!

Now it is dispersed, we can each bring our potential to realization. For me, it will be my musical performance to total resonance, dance to the height of synergy, healing to a new level and clarity to everyone lost in, or disarmed by, confusion. This sense of purpose crystallized yesterday as I started Horticulture Level 5. This comes at the end of Harmony Hall's first year as an organic grower. I recommend identifying just 7 things that your heart really longs for. Then structure an informed and well-planned mission to get there. Our hearts are healing, thank God, so we can now practice going for it!


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