Thursday, October 29, 2015

WHO- Nutrition, Detox, Absorption

For those transitioning off meat, I think I'm going to write a helpful 'thought of the day', every day from now on! 1) Nutrition 2) Detox 3) Absorption
Try and consider at least one of these every time you put something in your mouth!!
eg Banana: 
1) Happen to know it has vitamin K which helps keep your blood inside your body where it should be. 
2) It is a natural sweetener and so no need for processed sugar. We need to detox from sugar as it demotes the immune system in lots of ways.
3) Banana is easy for the body to absorb as it is a fresh fruit, nothing added.
Something else I learned yesterday was about Bulmers and probably all ciders. Buy the one in a glass bottle, not one in a plastic 2litre as they are completely different drinks. The first is made of fruit juice 'nothing added but time' they say! But the latter is made of concentrate and buckets of sugar and preservatives.
Another way of looking at the 3 aspects of food are
1) is it good food?
2) Is it clearing out my system of old badly made choice food and toxins (i.e. does it have antioxidants in it?)
3) Can my body absorb any nutritional quality this food has to offer? (i.e. a juice or smoothie is easy to absorb and carbs must be given more time to release heat and energy and keep us warm…Yes, home made chips are still very much on the menu - thank God!
Featured below are the optimum chip experience this year: Grown with no weedkillers (Roosters are often sprayed up to 18 times in their one short growing season) and harvested by the Bagenalstown Community Garden, washed and turned straight away into a couple of plates of chips by yours truly! This is the way to live! Pure happiness of Rebecca and Legend too in front of the house.

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