Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Water I love you, water I respect you, water I bless you, water I thank you!

I sent this to the 'environmental health' department and to the Planning Office at the following address if anyone would like to amplify the message by sending it again or one of their own composition! Thanks a lot!: bcontrol@fermanagh.gov.uk

Request to stop the fracking in Northern Ireland. A Planning Department of any district council has the authority to not allow fracking in their area. 

Fracking includes the foreseen and well-documented pollution of 10 million gallons of water, per well. Each fracking pad will have 6 wells and there is a pad to be built every 2kms. 

Water is a far more valuable resource than gas. It might not be common knowledge but places as close as Spain are already short of water and running their rivers through pipes to avoid wastage, leaving the surrounding valleys barren rather than lush. In the Philippines there are 10 million people without water. Everywhere you can look needs clean water. What on earth would possess your council to allow the waste of water on this scale? Why not send it to people who need it. Make Ireland’s clean water our export, rather than ruin the health of the land, in the face of 100% public objection. Fracking only returns energy at a ratio of 2:1. (ie. The cost of extracting it is exactly half its yield. The cost on every level – health, destruction, agriculture and water - is too high and the possibility of earthquakes is very present too. Ask that Tamboran (the Canadian-based shale gas company-for whom life on this island is of very little concern) bring into production, instead, free energy technology instead.  See the link below. 

Do not succumb to government pressure to destroy Ireland to make money for just a very few, none of whom will be affected by the process. The wealthy countries pollute the planet and drill away, while the poor countries either get the gas works on their island (as in Ireland, North and South) or the tsunamis and gales (India, Philippines)! We are all connected, be it by oceans and climate and hopefully some common regard for life and common sense. Please stop the fracking.

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