Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Epic reviews of Harmony Hall to show how much visitors to Ireland love it just as it is!

A little positive feedback goes a long way...a huge amount of positive feedback goes a very long way. So if you're trying to decide whether to come on retreat here, read on!     

Staying at Franc was like visiting a good friend. She welcomed us very warm and lovely. Right after the arrival we had an excellent tea together and a very long and lovely talk. Her 2 cute dogs were lovely. Franc laughs a lot - so we had a wonderful time. Our room was located in the first floor. Franc placed there an extra heater - so the room was convenient warm. The vegetarian breakfast (with self-baked bread, fried mushrooms) was delicious. We recommend Harmony Hall for all that are looking for a quite, harmonically accommodation in the nature. On one evening Franc took us with her boy-friend to her Salsa-Class. Thank you very much, Franc, that we could relax so good at your place!

Our stay with Frances and Jani was very positive. They were incredibly hospitable, friendly and welcoming. They got us going each day with a big and yummy breakfast and we were very thankful for the hot home made soup and home made bread that we received upon arrival. We loved the comfy bed and found it hard to get up in the morning. Jani was very helpful and thoughtful one night when I was sick and made me a hot tea and prepared a hot water bottle. They really went above and beyond. Thank you to Frances and Jani for a comfortable two nights!


Franc and her family were all very friendly and we got along very well. They are very generous and welcoming and even took us for a walk to meet their horse. All their animals were just as welcoming too! Breakfast was very substantial and accomodation was great. Highly recommend!


Stay with Franc! She is a wonderful host, both giving space during your stay and making you feel most welcome the minute you arrive. The house is a pleasure to be in, and the countryside nearby is virtually primeval forest. I loved having friendly animals around the house too - a real treat was when Franc walked us up the road to visit her horses. The other guests staying were lovely people - Franc clearly attracts goodness!


We stayed one night from franc and was a night to remember! Fabulous people that we had the good fortune to meet in our lives! Thanks for everything! I highly recommend this place!!

Frances' house is so gorgeous, calm and peaceful! We only have 1 regret: just stayed 1 night in her home: it's too short! We talked a long time with Frances and Jani and we really appreciated their kindness. We warmly recommended this place!


Frances was the best person we could have met to start our road trip in Ireland. She is sweet and very good cooker. Just one word to describe our visit : brilliant !

Yoann and Matte

Very very nice stay at Frances' home! The home and the room are big, it's a very quiet and peaceful place. Our hosts Frances and Jani were just perfect : sympathic, interesting persons, respectful, and made us feel at home! The only problem is that the stay was too short! It's the place to go!

...And then u find the place.. "Harmony Hall" and as the name says we spent a nice Mozart kind of weekend with Franc and her aura, and her bio- architectural house resonated harmoniousness in every wall.  Exterior seems nice, two cute little dogs greets us, the horse tied on one corner shakes itself a way of appreciating our presence, then we happen to see a small little waterfall in the front of the house..ethereal beautiful. Frances came out of her house, divinely pleasing smile and her clothes that she cared less about. She was kind of woman who exudes peace at sight. You would like to listen to her for hours as she will give you points to ponder upon..me n my friends still pondering on what she said "the meat which we eat - takes 40 yrs to disintegrate in human body" :D                                                                      

Her vividly beautiful interior of house have some kind of positive energy that will make you feel comfortable. I would say I liked her instantly and her disposition was so full of warmth. She offered us some herbal tea and we got instantly connected and comfortable with her and chatted away at the dining table..soon as we arrived. She was no more than an angel.. oh btw she actually has a paper made angel wings which I wore and clicked a pic or two :) and as we were shown our rooms to refresh we could hear symphony ... She started playing the piano downstairs.. & the notes were " only love is real". 

Cozy little rooms with a nice sweet bathroom was enough to make us feel at home. Her house was made in a way to bring the best of energy as she explained the architectural style of her eye shaped dining area and the ventilation shaped like an eye above..ever watching eye of some karmic god I guess...The spirals to upstairs are spirals of good vibes and as u climb you consume good energy and release the negative ones. We had  a wonderful time snacking her scrumptious breakfast- waffle, organic (veggie) sausage etc. We in turn invited her to our place, because we haven't had enough of this divine looking woman (btw she resembles a bit of Drew Barrymore), and greedy for more good times. 

Well cutting my long review short I would say we would love to go back and spend some long weekends just listening to her playing the piano..talk a para or two and take silent long walks, imbibing energy, freshness & also we are yet to try her good friend's culinary delights, who she says is an amazing chef..our taste buds will have to wait. We ended up rejuvenating our souls and I recommend solely to try and feel the good vibes of the place if you go..Bon voyage! 

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