Sunday, November 10, 2013

Look at where you live, in a new light and clear the electro magnetic charge!

Two healings for today are a real space clearing and enhancement for your home and releasing all negative electro magnetic charge.
Your career area is represented by the middle room or part of a room, at the front of the house. Have a little think where this is, in your own house now. If you don't see yourself as having a career, think of it as a space that can reveal your life purpose and clarity as to how to move forward in your life, with intention.

For me it holds the fridge, a freezer and two ovens. That is a lot of electric equipment and that is perfect for me as
1. A large part of my career is clearing electro magnetic stress for people and their environments.
2. The appliances are all new and part of my lovely new, beechwood fitted kitchen.

It needs attention because
1. There was not much apart from some gems in the fridge and freezer; As in 10 amazing, homemade chutneys and condiments but not a stick of celery to eat them with.
2. The shelves were not sparkling in readiness for the next thing.

Tidy up this area in your own house or apartment and spend a few moments there, thinking what ornaments or tidy-up would improve the energy there.

More serious is the electro magnetic charge. People are suffering chronic fatigue syndrome and a huge variety of dis-ease because of it. Experts in the field say that we could only protect ourselves from the electricity fields around us by putting a metal mesh on our windows…which no one's prepared to do. They say that magnetic fields cannot be shielded from at all. Our only hope is that some of it is sent under ground so the earth absorbs the disturbed energy. Luckily, with the modality I use, both electric and magnetic fields can be dissipated harmlessly from individuals and properties and then shielded against.

After any clearing you do, using the pendulum, continue for another few moments to clear yourself. God forbid, you get overpowered too. Paying conscious, fearless attention is always the solution.

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