Monday, November 25, 2013

Clearings we can do to sway the course of history

(I have highlighted the clearings to do in bold and am sending out a supporting frequency transmission)

It strikes me that the important things in our world are

The Environment

Animal Rights

Peace (Human Rights)

The distribution of wealth (Human Rights)

The correction of these major topics can all be implemented by the individual … simply by recognizing the infinite power we have.
First we must learn an objectivity and a neutrality. This can be cultivated as an ability to not get 'steamed up' about the things that matter to you. Being angry or afraid gives you a negative point of attraction. Like a pylon, you will magnetize all passing toxic information and rain them down on your future experiences… you will be making matters worse!

Second, we must clear the depressing sense of inevitability that clouds our perspective. Many people say to everything 'well, its going to happen anyway'. That is not strictly true. We can do something and that something is realize what we are capable of, as a united force.

Third, we can call on the 'infinite organizing power of nature' to work on our behalf. Come to recognize our connection to each other and all living things.

When we learn to trust ourselves and know that our vision is clear and for the greater good, the universe will conspire to help. Guaranteed. In the past, people would talk about having God on their side. Now, we might say that Mother Nature is bringing crops…or catastrophes, as she sees fit. Realize that you have both on your team, you are a brilliant expression of God AND the earth. Come to recognize that you are part of everything there is and you can tap into, and identify with, the magnitude of that sway. You can change your reality and for everyone else too if you master your mind and perspective, in this way.

If you're still not sure how to clear your energetic presence and participation, I have put a 10 minute video tutorial on my Home Page, which is entertaining and should get you started!

If you need a deeper understanding of how to systematically heal and master your mind, my book is available on Amazon 'How To Live As One' which is very light and might be a good present for any subdued friends you may have! It can be found on this link

If you need help with the healing journey, via training in the method or distance healing or a space clearing for your home, please contact me on 00353 87 137 0859 or via Harmony Hall BioArchitecture Retreat on Facebook or via Frances Micklem on Linked In.

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