Sunday, November 17, 2013

Raised awareness can cause even more stress until you learn to change your ways in pace with your wisdom!

The transition, from energy healer to radio show host, has been very interesting indeed. I am learning from my guests as fast as I am sharing information. I hadn’t realized until yesterday how much I know, we know and they know! For example that there is fluoride put in our water, on purpose, to keep us docile and interfere with our brain cell health. We are trained from the start to savour rubbish like fast food and coffee and turn our noses up at coconut water and the faint unusual scents of herbal tinctures! We absorb 60% of what we put on our skin, chemicals and dye from new cloths, creams and make up.  The main cause of our reduced fertility as a race is this self-inflicted pollution! I gathered that, the cosmetic industry must only include 1% natural ingredients to register a product as ‘natural’.

I laughed to myself after yesterday’s show, where we talked about all these things and the importance of organic food so we don’t give the powers that be a total monopoly on the very basic food grains, via one or two patented seed varieties being left….So I laughed because I remembered that the radio network is called Creating Calm and we were more likely to be creating worry with this new awareness! Maybe that’s the point; we should only raise awareness when we are offering a choice. The best choice is shopping in health food shops, where the bags are full of complete proteins, organic food and interesting alternatives to processed, corrosive foods.

My vision, and the vision of everyone that I have interviewed so far, has been informed by the present. Rather than complain about it, the shared master key has opened their imaginations to work out their own manifesto and start their own campaign for a happier, healthier future. That’s the plan and if you have something you intend for the greater good and you want to put it ‘out there’, in an ever-expanding way, let me know and I will get you on the programme!

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