Sunday, November 3, 2013

Are you experiencing magic yet?

Nose to tail magic black cat moments will come, rest assured!

Once you have freed yourself and hopefully a few others of limiting beliefs and persistent thought patterns, its time to awaken the alchemist, that we all have the power to be? It seems like everyone today has been talking to me about magic. Maybe you have to have a few years of healing under your belt. I would love for everyone to fully realize, mentally realize as well as tangibly bring to realization, their personal magical power. The question is, are you ready? And will you?

No one’s 'the boss of me', obviously! But, nonetheless, one of my bosses rang and said could I work my magic on business and ‘lift the spell’ that was keeping it quiet. It prompted me to ask if Ireland as a whole was under such a spell or two. I got that there were 22 and I cleared them and their negative effects.

Today, as well, a healing client - having released decades of trouble from their experience - talked about how 'magic' has now emerged, literally in every situation. It might be an unforeseen solution, an ability to transform pain into healing, a relaxed detachment from drama; always a healthy sprinkle of creative imagination and insight. Furthermore, two things are guaranteed; you start to shine and everyone benefits!

If you already know how to tune in consciously, download everything you need for a magical life, right away!

If not, let me know and I can facilitate progress!

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