Monday, August 20, 2012


Living well does not involve a lengthy analytic process of doing the right thing, what you should do and at the right time! An attempt to act in accordance with right and wrong and should and should nots is exhausting. The good news is that, at this stage, you can assume that you make spontaneously correct choices. You can follow your intuition. As you develop this trust in your own inner compass, guiding you moment to moment, to communicate, tidy up, rest, play, exercise, finish a job you have started, you start to get into a flow. One of the meditations you can try is visualizing yourself climbing into a rowing boat and finding, as you push away from the pier that there are no oars. Sitting in the stern is Jesus Christ himself though and he says ‘Don’t worry, have faith that you are completely taken care of’. Most people are hanging on to the shore for dear life and not letting themselves be carried by the rhythms of life, the natural direction of the water let alone any kind of hope that they are participating in a bigger picture, a wonderful sustaining ocean, which is always happening perfectly. There is one thing you can do right away to allow yourself to move forwards. That is practice non judgement. Every other living creature is in the same boat as you. Keep remembering that everyone is doing their best. Furthermore, we can help each other through loving connections and being catalysts for change. Continually recognize our common ground. 

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