Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Wake Up on Christmas Morning!

The Christmas Story

Wonderful carol concert, my Mum in the choir but what the hell has happened to the Christmas story….or has my critical faculty just kicked in? Mary was described as a 'teenage' girl, who was Joseph's wife 'although he had never 'known' her !?wtf and then he was nice as he was going to 'divorce her quietly' for being with child. Even if you pause for a split second and consider how nil women's and girl's say so has been down the years, you can be pretty sure that Mary had little say in what happened to her. 

Peace on Earth

Then he talked about the carols having something in them that we don't see much of. My mind went straight to 'Thank God, he's going to talk about "Peace on Earth" but no he went on about consumer choices. I am starting to think we might well be being farmed by some psychos. How else can we think that its okay to torture millions of animals for treats and products and feel good about ourselves when we use honey and milk shower gel and and use bleach that has been tested on the eyes of thousands of small animals to get rid of the grease and smell of animals in the sink and on the floor. And what about that 8month pregnant lady in the Calais jungle on the news last night? Shouldn't someone offer her a crib for the bed of the new infant? Have we become so blind and selfish that we care about nothing? We've got to wake up as compassionate awareness and choices are the only way we can turn 
this tide around.

Are Humans Being Farmed?

Photo by Manisha

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