Thursday, February 25, 2016

Farmers, Elections and Community Supported Agriculture

Fine Gael and Fine Fail say they will double the national herd.

Major Parties blatantly ignore Ireland's Climate Change Commitments

All have agreed to doubling the national herd. Guaranteed to knock down prices they get for animals and milk and drive up overheads. And don't forget trade deals (TTIP) go both ways. If they take our produce, we will have to take theirs (American meat, american dairy. Its horrible but it will be cheap and there will be no way to tell the consumer to pay the extra for home farmed. 

Double Your Income and Reduce Overheads

The one farmer that reduced his herd and went organic saved 40,000 euro on fertilizer in his first year 
and the price he got for his milk shot up from 30c a litre to 60c a litre. 

Only vote Green, Independent, People Before Profit, Direct Democracy, Anti Austerity Alliance and for all those human beings who know that Intensive Farming = 51% of CO2 Emissions

First thing to do is do not vote Fine Gael/Fail/Labour. If you do, you really do not care whether there is still an Ireland above water for your children to live on.

Community Supported Agriculture is Brilliant For Farmers

Paid up front? Surely unheard of for a farmer in these times. We can help set up Community Supported Agriculture. The beauty of this? Your locals pay you in advance for produce, taking the risks and guaranteeing its sale. 

Cut out the processors, the supermarkets, the flooding of Ireland with International produce at rock bottom rates.

Cut out the supermarkets and the meat processors. Did you know they meet every Friday to discuss how much less they are going to offer farmers, for their animals? You are being stitched up! And it will get worse unless you get the green party in and some independent socially oriented politicians. This is our one chance for a just government.

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