Thursday, December 12, 2019

Vote The Conservative Party Out Today, UK

Voting Day

Last chance, UK, for tolerance, democracy, ethics, conservation, inclusion, prosperity....please VOTE. I went to England twice to canvas for the Liberal Democrats. Good people, sound policy. Can find their way back from the UK's billion pound weapons deals, providing the slaughtering machines and ammo for Saudi Arabia and Israel. Or aren't there enough dead children in Gaza and the Yemen yet to make a move? They can find their way back from funding a new Trident nuclear submarine of UK's own. We don't want to use that, we'll never want it used or to annoy even another, more trigger happy country, of which there are many. 

Security is not provided by military force, it's generated through peace and wellbeing. Well being isn't created by good technology, fast internet speeds...That is a con. The great wealth is your health and that brings me to food. You don't want those factory farms that are coming thick and fast to the UK and getting planning permission. There's lots of vegetarians and vegans in Labour too who will make better decisions for farming, with the future in mind. Both Lib Dem or Labour can find their way back from the devastating division of Brexit. You don't want to miss this chance!

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