Monday, March 10, 2014

Peace Agreement, between Mother Earth, Russia, Ukraine, HAARP, Europe and you and I!

I was recently asked what motivates me to raise social awareness, heal people and facilitate people's awakening to their magnitude and creative capacity. What emotions lie behind my actions! I answered off the top of my head; "love, friendship, hope and a little fear of the negative creations perpetuated by continued unconsciousness".

When I went out to talk to Windy about it, we focused on these residual fears and how I myself might be bringing about bad outcomes. I cleared a couple of major areas - The Environment and World p

I've been made more acutely aware recently of the inappropriate use of the earth's resources; water, beauty, health, Nature, fossil fuels, pylons, fracking, chemicals sprays and pharmaceuticals and genetic modification.

My fear of electro magnetic charge and its effect on many of my clients down the years had been holding me in judgment. I had been repeatedly thinking; This cannot be a good thing! The resistance was bringing an intensified negative creation. For example, I had fought 45 metre high pylons on the black stairs mountains to discover the favourite route planned for them was across my own road near Paulstown. Then I addressed that and spoke up, only to find that the pylons are now intended to meet 100 metre high wind turbines right here in the Slieve Margy foothills. There was a meeting today in Carlow Council to discuss them. Windy helped me and we cleared any personal participation in these creations. I bet that this will actually stop the advance of these plans.

My fear of the polar bears all drowning and the gulf stream moving off its course and causing huge floods and temperature fluctuations across the globe, brought the situation of the earth's atmosphere to my awareness. I gather that the cloud of gas that once held the poles in place and the currents as needed has been dispersed into little pockets of atmospheric gas, all around the earth. I cleared my concern for the demise of all the wild life and people in low lying countries. I asked if the melting of the arctic and antarctic was irreparable. I got a 'no' thank God and have pieced it back together energetically. I look forward to seeing how this correction will manifest. Soon, I hope, for the polar bears!

My other fear was human intervention in the Earth's atmosphere. Mainly by HAARP. They have, at times, raised the temperature on purpose up to a 1000 degrees to see what happens. Their climate interventions were described by an ex employee of theirs as 'sinister' to say the least. This information has served my awareness but had also fed a fear. It is an old illusion to fear a part of reality. We need to make peace with all the fragmented parts, from a position of coherence and unity. So I worked on that as well.

For readers, the order of events is; Acknowledge your fear or abhorrence of a situation, clear yourself, so that you are emotionally neutral and get confirmation that you are no longer perpetuating the problem; then ask to correct any damage done and rebalance. It doesn't really matter what methodology you use, its the awareness, acknowledgement and new intention that's important!

Then I cleared for Peace. There is a situation brewing in the Ukraine and no one being taken at their word. As far as I understand it, an intervention in Ukraine was needed and it can still be resolved peacefully. I cleared my fear of war, how it seems to start inexhorably, bad decision after bad decision and then the deaths and bad feeling escalate. This too, is not beyond our remit as conscious participants in sharing the new paradigm. Be aware, notice any fear, acknowledge and clear your unconscious hand in proceedings and then set the new intention. Peace, agreement, support, trust and the learning path of forgiveness.

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