Monday, March 31, 2014

Please define 'genetic modification' and 'consciousness'

I have heard two foolish things this week by DJs on mainstream radio. One was laughing at the conspiracy theory: Genetically modified food is being widely distributed to intentionally reduce the world's population. The DJ said 'what, do they think that they are going to be attacked by a giant tomato?!'

This person clearly does not know that genetically modified means that insecticides and herbicides have been bred into the seeds, making the plants and produce poisonous. If a vegetable is poisonous to the bees and the birds, its poisonous to us. The chemicals are not processed by the body, they collect there. Yes, so over time, everyone's system is becoming knee deep in toxins and is killing people off, on the quiet.

I tweeted in to the show "526 million dollars have been given to the FDA by drug companies … that's how beholden the US government is to withhold natural cures, not ban GM crops and chemical trailing from the air". 

So yes, the intention is there. Monsanto and the other pharmaceutical companies are intent on monopolizing the food market. It has even become illegal to save your own seeds from crops. There is a patent on them! Farmers have actually been taken to court for not buying new seeds each year. Many seeds are modified to not reproduce at all. 

So yes you might get some giant tomatoes but they will be slightly poisonous. Genetically modified food is stronger in that way in that it can deliver good looking vegetables and salad. Bear in the mind though that the chemicals are simultaneously weakening the soil. Organic seeds will struggle to grow in this nutrient-reduced environment. Again, this is an intentional contamination of the environment, the soil and the air, to make the population more and more dependent on the massive modified food crops. 

Having said all this, there are some myths about organic food that I should dispel. 
1. For the moment, the earth is still good enough to support organic growing. 
2. An organically grown crop does not yield less than a genetically modified crop. 
3. If we only ask for and eat organic food, the supermarkets will have to source them and farmers will have to grow them. 
4. GM ingredients and the chemicals sprayed do not legally need to be labelled! 
5. An organic label has to be earned and is allowed only after the land has been a certain amount of years without fertilizers, the seed has to be organic, no chemical pest deterrents can be used at any stage etc etc. Even if horse manure is used, those animals have to have been fed organic oats, or their muck will be contaminated and the term 'organic' can't be used . 
This adds an unfair level of legislation to organic growers. Therefore, even if there is no organic label, I would recommend buying produce that at least confirms "no genetically modified ingredients" and "not chemically sprayed" as that confirms that good growing practice is intended, if not full organic certification achieved!
6. Do not let it go any further. The positive change-makers and preservers of health are tied in knots and given endless hoops to jump through, while the big business and pharmaceutical producers are let away with murder. Take for example, just this week, the fake sweetener aspartame has had a name change! People were starting to know how dangerous it was and it had gone down in popularity. What do the makers of aspartame do? Change some of the ingredients and give them nutritional content?Take out the harmful chemicals? No! Just changed the name! It is now called Aminosweet…yes, a hint at being an essential amino acid for the digestive system and a reference to sweetness, what harm can it do? Exactly the same harm it did before, except with new packaging!
7. We the individual have to wake up and not be sold to anymore. Make all your decisions consciously.

That was the other extra-ordinary thing said by a DJ, that I recently heard. It was about the famous couple, Gwenyth Paltrow and Chris Martin, who have said they have done a 'conscious uncoupling'
He laughed and said 'oh, does that mean they just know they've broken up'
Consciousness has a very specific meaning and many people do not yet know what it is. It is that you no longer think you are an individual, being impacted on by others. Rather than blame you realize your own participation in all the events in your life, commit yourself to making a positive contribution and that way master your thoughts, feelings and destiny.

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