Monday, March 17, 2014

Applying applying fresh insight and ancient wisdom to all too common problems- Positive Change!

Happy St Patrick's Day! I can't wait to talk to Bernadette Phillips, from New Insights for Change, this saturday on Healing From Harmony Hall. Read the brilliant insight below to get an idea of how a new perspective and understanding can lead to real change. I will be asking if she can apply her amazing psychic awareness as well to specific social problems such as homelessness. Did you know that there are 5 million homeless people in Europe and 8 million empty houses? Did you know that mortgages are sold following arrears and evictions? Sold off cheap - for example a 350k loan may be sold for 50k. The only people who aren't allowed to bid for it are the family who've been paying it for the previous decade or so! Like some sort of righteous punishment, when the loan sum becomes manageable again, it is sold to investors abroad.

So, where there have been unjust, self-sabotaging practices, we are committed to finding solutions! Bernadette has made 2014 a year to develop conscious leadership. She is an international speaker, social scientist and intuitive.

"I have learned, that when we find the 'Why' we can deal with the 'How' to make 'real' positive changes, and that 'Rock Bottom' experiences can indeed be the 'Solid Foundation' on which to rebuild and live an Authentic life. Bernadette Phillips - New Insights For Change ♥♥♥
True authenticity cannot be faked, it flows as easy and as natural as a clear mountain stream. There is an energy and buzz about people who are working and living from their authentic self. Not that they don't experience challenge or disappointment, but rather they have learned to live life with passion and purpose.

When I have the blessing to meet such inspirational people, I note, that they have not only learned to live life fully in the moment, but also they have a 'WHY' that propels them forward and so can deal with the ebbs and flows of life as part of the divine plan for their lives.

The Philosopher/Author Friedrich Nietzsche wrote
"He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how"
This is so very true, I see it in the the lives of my clients when they find a 'Why' and a reason to make real changes, they can deal with the 'how' to bring this about, even if this is really challenging for them. In fact they have often noted that finding 'Why' has enabled them to use their 'rock bottom' experiences as a 'solid foundation' on which to rebuild their lives.

A key NEW INSIGHT that I have learned through my work is, that when a 'Why' is found it brings back power, control and choice to a persons life and so helps with reducing stress and anxiety. In essence with personal control and choice there is flow, alignment and authentic power of purpose. This gives the clarity and focus to the 'how' in dealing with, and responding positively to, adversity.

Re-discover your Authentic Self through an Intuitive Reading and Holistic Intuitive Coaching Session. Bernadette Phillips - New Insights For Change 087-2756282. 

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