Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tre Arrow as a conscious, peaceful leader!

Look what's happened to this poor pacifist! This interesting article shows the argument between what some call eco-terrorism and the others call economic sabotage, in the name of saving the earth! Forest workers with chainsaws climbing up to him 100 feet in the air and being told to cut off the branch he was sitting on. He himself wouldn't harm an ant. It raises interesting questions as to conscious leadership, if you can't work through the system, you can't lobby for change because it doesn't work, you can't defend a person or place by standing up for it, peacefully, physically being there. What can you do? What's worrying is that you have a whole generation of disillusioned people knowing all this and ready to jump into action and aggression if asked. To fight the good fight! But then the cause loses its moral high ground…to an extent. This morning I will be clearing for a conscious awakening for the people in these big businesses and legal system (when he fell the hundred foot from the tree he was charged by the sheriff with trespass before being taken to hospital! Surely, forgive us our trespasses in this instance, no?). The conscious awakening can come however it comes…through inner crisis of conscience, financial crisis or natural crisis…but so that no innocent individuals are blamed. That is so old paradigm!! So I am also holding a space of safety and magnitude for the consciousness to come in. The people protecting the Earth, the animals, the people and the oceans of the world are not a minority team, the underdog! We have, in reality, all oneness, all our very mild super powers and the infinite organizing power of Nature to help!


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