Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Climate Summit Petition and New Insights For Change!

Dear President Van Rompuy, … I wrote!
I am a distance healer and I have cleared all your attachment to old ideas and made space for new solutions to be presented and agreed at the climate summit. They should obviously include a blanket ban on genetically modified food and other chemical poisons. Also for the Tesla free energy technology to be widely brought into production rather than withheld. Drilling anywhere should be stopped, as should HAARP's intervention in our mental, emotional and environmental quality of life. Vegan diets should be considered for their harmlessness to people, animals and environment. Fracking must be banned.

Ireland should be encouraged and supported in exporting clean harvested water rather than industrialized with old style windmills, massive pylons and power stations, contaminating water, air and soil, to export electricity. Thank you for your clarity and influence in implementing a new perspective and positive, radical change to match the crisis you're addressing. Best of luck. Kind regards, Frances

This is the link to the petition and hot line to President Van Rompuy to add your voice and insights to the climate summit happening the day after tomorrow.


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