Thursday, March 20, 2014

Today's a good day to cut and paste, if you want, and get an objection in!

As promised, here is my latest letter to stop in its tracks the wind farm, pylons and power station-arama that Galetech is trying to push through! In good old fashioned fountain pen and note paper, I sent this to Carlow County Council as a formal objection today, to the 140 metre high windmills planned.

The Planning Dept
Carlow County Council
Athy Road

To Whom it May Concern
Objection to application 14/36
The insane plan to put some of the biggest windmills in Europe in the heritage site of Old Leighlin.

We object on the ground of noise: Families have not been able to block it out even with 2 inches of board and 2 duvets across the windows.

On grounds of health; continual vibration, the electro magnetic charge of power stations that would inevitably follow.

On grounds of Nature; loss of habitat, contamination of water, killing of birds and bats in flight. My address is Baurnafea, widely know as Bat Valley.

On grounds of big business corruption; we know the pre planning meeting discussed 4 such windmills and the resulting application is for 21. I am grateful that this gives you, the planning department, easy grounds to refuse the application too.

Many companies, including Galetech, have a track record for lack of regard for people or the Environment and shouldn't be allowed to profit from their destructive businesses: For example, farmers have been promised money for use of land and rights of way. The money has not been paid, the land is useless, the wind farms aren't functional and have been sold between companies until no one is responsible for the debts, or the upkeep even, any more.

Everyone is united in objecting to this application. There were hundreds of people at the meetings, worried about all the above. Few may have a spare €20 euro to formally object and many feel the ordinary person should not have to pay to stop a major business ruining a neighbourhood.  But still, make sure it doesn't happen!

Yours faithfully, Frances Micklem
Harmony Hall

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