Monday, July 30, 2012

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Sublaw No. 11 Objective.  I am hoping that I am talking to some people with great focus who instinctively keep their eyes on their objective? The sublaw of objective has three ingredients. Firstly, worry not as to how exactly you will manifest what you want. The one universal intelligence has countless ways of bringing things about much more easily than you could come up with. A useful phrase to keep your objective clear and the means to get there unlimited is to say ‘Thank you for taking care of all my bills’, ‘thank you for my healing’, thank you for ... fill in the space with whatever vast altruistic wish or vast personal item you want! Secondly, keeping your thoughts on your objective, means not letting them go back to past successes or failures. This is it, right now; you are a grown up, in your most powerful position so far to carve out the life you want. Don’t victimize yourself by saying you can’t, never could, never will be able to or they won’t let me! The third aspect of objective is as an opposite to subjective. When you’re subjective, you’re saying I need this and that, I am this and that, I want this and that...but, in reality you are not that small. When you’re objective, you’re saying ‘As a participator in this massive intelligent energy field, I choose this and I choose that. This is the key to conscious creations that will reliably benefit you and everyone else.

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