Saturday, July 28, 2012

Release - Sublaw number 9

Notice for a moment how your thoughts plough on. Perhaps you are worried about someone in your family or feeling bad about something that was said to you. Don’t pollute your own mind with any negativity. See it for what it is, a challenging experience, and let it go. The release technique I like is to ask ‘do you know what to do about that? No. Are you beating yourself up about it? Yes. Are you willing to let some of that self disapproval go? Yes. And a bit more? Yes. And are you ready to give yourself some approval? Yes. And a bit more? Yes. And a bit more? Yes. Funny as it may sound, this is an extremely effective way to bypass your habitual brain patterns and appreciate yourself again. Slapping yourself about internally just doesn’t get the results! Releasing, in its context as a sublaw to mastering the law of attraction, is slightly different. Once you have decided what you want and start taking steps towards success, you have to release your attachment to reaching your goal or receiving your large stash of cash or whatever you asked for. Trust that it is coming your way. I can hear people groan at the word ‘trust’. They think that nothing happens if they don’t make it happen, or nothing happens because someone else won’t let it happen! Neither is the case. A release technique for this is to say ‘I have sent out a request for the best possible outcome and I will now just gladly accept what comes. Keep yourself light and receptive because that’s all a human being truly is anyway!

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