Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Thought Police

Everyone has heard of the law of attraction with a brief understanding of it, such as ‘like attracts like’ or ‘you create what you think about’. Furthermore, many people sense that they must try and think positively or they will draw more negativity in. However, there is a distinct lack of mastery of this law. It is the exception rather than the rule when someone relates the story, “I focused on getting a 6 figure-salaried job and visualized myself still having the time to enjoy the renumeration and within a year that was exactly what was happening.” In fact I’ve never heard that, but definitely some more ‘realistic’ success stories. If I mention the law of gravity, there seems to be more consistency in our evidence. Everything always falls if you drop it, whether its heavy or light. Defying the law of gravity, though, are airplanes. They can fly because some people understand the sub laws that have a bearing on the law of gravity; such as lift, thrust and momentum. I hope you will start to familiarize yourself with and practice the sublaws to the law of attraction. It will culminate in the same consistency and you’ll be creating the life you want. The first sublaw is the law of ignorance. This means daily noticing that you don’t KNOW of any solution to your problems but then spending another few moments accepting that you also don’t KNOW that there isn’t one! Allowing the possibility is not unrealistic, it is literally an acknowledgement of what you cannot know. This daily practice lets in hope via the side door as it gives your thoughts a few minutes off from fully convinced gloom and doom. There are sixteen sublaws, so try and have this one up and running in time for next week’s installment. If you are so lost in the inevitability of how deep your problems run or a belief that they are all caused by someone else not you, you could benefit from an energy clearing which I could also provide!

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