Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Should We Make Hay While The Sun Shines?

How much of the world is wonderfully warm but almost just a rocky mountainous desert? What struck me in Tenerife is that there is not a blade of grass. Windy would not put up with it for an instant. There were cacti, aloe vera plants and fantastic flowering trees but that combination only really allows for the one obscure incident; falling over a cactus, applying some aloe to sooth it and looking up at the foliage as you lie down to recover. Nearly every other life event seemed unsustainable...mainly as the land is so dry and even the tap water is said to be off limits. Thank God we can purify food and drink simply by being extra glad of it. Full recognition can heal anything...your water, food, people, memories, places, relationships. Don't tell me we can't because I am living proof!

I came back twice as grateful to see the green fields of Baurnafea and all the leaves that had come out. For a minute I felt relief from the winter anxiety too. There will be grass and then there will be hay too later, when we need it. BUT I got a 'no' to that sort of thinking. Fears and worries are not the way to go. I read the statement ' I will not gather my possessions for the day of adversity. I trust that my future is certain and bright.' Praise the lord. So maybe we should not make hay then....but be extra grateful to those that do!

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