Thursday, June 13, 2013

What is the emotion behind the words 'thank you'?

Thinking the words 'thank you' serve as an emotional pivot from a place of poor feeling to an empowered magnanimity. It is simply choosing to give thanks rather than feel sorry. There is nothing more important than developing this ability to shift one's perspective. Whether you feel sorry for yourself or for something not done or done against you, saying thanks a lot is still, luckily, the way forward.

All interactions in life give you a chance to express the love you have inside you. Sometimes your best intentions might feel thwarted by difficult people or your own self defeating habits or doubts. When practicing directing your thoughts in a positive direction, have fun at these times, rather than getting lost in them. You can say 'well, thank you, that was character building!' or 'thank you for showing me how far I've come' or 'thanks a million for this great reminder not to take things personally!'

To ensure the whole day goes brilliantly, picture yourself wonderfully surprised and grateful at the other end of the day. Luckily the infinite organizing power of nature can organize the details in between!

Today I have joined the Gratitude Bank on Facebook so I will report back even more evidence shortly of magnificent creations and resolutions found this way!!

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