Sunday, June 2, 2013

Reflect with renewed enthusiasm!

Today can be a day of reflection, soaking up the memories of what has come our way so far. As a child, no doubt, there were meals and outings, all paid for by some kind benefactor. Probably then there was school which will have been a mixture of investment by your parents and the state. What gifts and adventures there have been! Most of us had a home, which we know now do not grow on trees, even if it was a timber framed home, so we can be glad of that too, however ramshackle.

Next move on to the jobs you’ve had, the money you have received directly. A hundred here and a hundred there, it should all be well received today, as you look back. Too often, we think something cost too much or we weren’t paid enough but that energy is blatantly ungrateful and unfortunately stops the flow of prosperity in its tracks. I recommend a systematic clearing today of each year of your life. Simply to tidy up those unaddressed grievances; the ice cream you didn’t get, the space hopper you forgot to mention was your best present ever, the piano lessons that you thought initially were a bit of a drag. Feel the appreciation now and let it sink into every fibre of your being. That will help you muster up the feel good factor about your finances in the here and now. 

One example I have is my job, for a few months, in a health food shop last year. At the time and since, it had felt like a long way to travel and a big commitment of time for a basic wage. I had seen the shopping centre, in general, as quite a toxic environment and gave everything I had to trying to lighten the weight of history there and the recession fears, through space clearing. I also shared my energetic insight with all the customers that came in with an apparently third dimensional issue. I knew it was time well spent but my attitude was positive and ethical but not actually grateful. Today I came up with 6 reasons for gratitude for the job.
I was paid each week
I got a discount on all my favourite foods
I was employed to sell lovely organic produce
I received all the left overs as soon as they went officially ‘out of date’.
I was busy for forty hours a week and therefore saving money too for that period.
I received an excellent education in herbal medicine and nutrition.

What riches! You, too, can come up with at least two reasons to be grateful for any income you have had.

There is only one true reason for not having enough money and that is a lack of gratitude for the money you have. Fears and complaints or even qualifying statements like ‘thank God for x, but I really need to get y’ are dynamic disasters. You’re setting yourself up for a shortage. The more thankful you can feel for every little detail, the better it is going to get. You’ve probably given the difficulties enough attention already, haven’t you? Lets keep our focus on the up side!

Remember that money, love and time are all the same energetic frequency so look back at all the people you have spent time with too and see the gifts there. Then you’ll definitely get more fun in your friendships as well, in the future.

If you are still on a roll and want to share the love, try upping the game by clearing your whole country up to 100% gratitude. Every country has been supported by visitors and money from another country at various times. Summon up some of those moments to reflect on. I bet you fifty cent, collectively we can improve national economies this way too.

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