Monday, October 21, 2013

Come and get truly reconciled! How workshops work here!

Retreats are lined up for February to July 2014 

Feb 21st-23rd - €380 Kerry

March 21st-23rd - €380 Kerry

April 25th-27th - €380 Kerry

May 3rd-5th - €380  Kilkenny

June 20th-22nd - €380  Kilkenny

July 11th-13th- €380 - Kilkenny

Link to my radio show on the Creating Calm Network - called Healing From Harmony Hall, every Saturday. On this show, I interview Michelle O'Donoghue with whom I do the retreats. 

My book is called 'How To Live As One'.

To come and get reconciled with and comfortably aware of your inner world and in touch with your conscious governing self; I do energy clearing here at Harmony Hall or clear geopathic stress and spiritual problems from your home or business. I also offer a full retreat with energy clearing, body work and vegan detox. Then, of course, there's always my book to help people get on independently with their own journey. 

For the time being, do not let anything vex you! Many people are in danger of wasting their time away, lost in anxiety... I won't hear of it! As Barry White says, 'Just because its here today, doesn't mean it won't be gone tomorrow' So, yes, those are the facts, things are uncertain, but you can choose the conclusion you draw from these facts. Barry chooses to appreciate what is 'right here, right now, (he) don't need to look no more' but many people choose to worry instead. Appreciate or worry, I know which one I'd advocate! When you find yourself indignant with what is allotted to you at the moment and suspicious of what is to come, stop it! Energetically, you are perpetuating a void, a discrepancy, a dissatisfaction inside yourself - between what is the case and what you think should be! And between your present moment and some imagined future time. If you know how to clear, tune in and clear any inner conflicts right away!

Now is the time to get a healthy attitude. You have the facts of your daily life, your past and situations ahead. Reflect quietly for a bit of every day. Cultivate a perspective that has you yourself as part-divinity and as part of the whole. When you spend some time in awareness of these eternal aspects, you wake up. Rather than being like children with parents, accepting things exactly as we receive them, even while sometimes getting cross(!) you can start to rate what you see, from the perspective of a fully fledged adult. If it is unjust or not in accordance with your nature or what you think is good, reject it. Pay attention to what is happening (in your own household, your community, country and internationally), be glad of what you know and take a stand for everything you rate as valuable. Everything else is a distraction!

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