Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How Should We Spend Money?

This is the Heart Math's image of a torus, in relation to the human heart. Send this geometric image circling around every project, situation, person or animal you want to help. Today, I am directing this flow around the finances of the whole world, to include everyone. 
It is worth developing a coherent energetic framework for your relationship with money. Following several meditations, I established how money should consciously be spent, to keep the flow going. First we must receive it well, graciously and with gratitude. Then release any fear around it. These sorts of fears include
1. The fear that you will then be beholden to someone.
2. That the amount you are receiving isn't going to be enough.
3. Many people also fear empowerment, in this case in the form of increased money, which might bring  responsibility to do something useful, above and beyond just coping with your 'lack' situation, that might have kept you busy, to date!
4. The fear of rocking the boat. This might be that you have benefits and/or other support networks and lack the confidence to support yourself.
5. Fear of loss; the income might be a one-off and will probably slip through your fingers.

I identified 5 conscious expenditures.
1. Do something memorable (that you wouldn't have been able to do otherwise, maybe a trip or a purchase)
2. Invest in yourself (a course of study, some counseling or, in my case, publishing my book)
3. Put aside a nest egg (something towards an unexpected bill or new addition to the family)
4. Pay a debt (or part of a debt)
5. Be generous (a friend or charity or even someone you don't know...as in the classic film 'Pay It Forwards')

This particular combination of 5 conscious behaviours works whether you come by a tenner or €100,000. Even better, you are generating more money. Especially by investing in yourself and giving to others. Watch a new balance and self respect return too. Even if this is just a revisioning mission to start with or a meditation exercise, you are inviting  the occurrence into your 3D experience too. Magnification on every level! This big 5, I think, will also work for conscious loving and conscious time management, so apply them to those too. I will report back how they go for me!

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