Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The body cannot distinguish between thoughts and actions! Wow, think of the implications of this!

It has been proven that the body cannot distinguish between thoughts and actions. Think, then, how important it is to master your thoughts. Do not let them give way to bitterness, blame or negativity. You are making the field around you toxic and difficult to breathe. But do sit around with happy imaginings. Cultivate them in as much detail as you can. See yourself at your goal and be glad.

If you fall into a gulf between your goal and your current situation, don't fight it. Don't hate it. That is like attacking yourself. Instead, explore your emotions and see if you can shift your perspective. Start to look for the gift and the new self awareness that apparent problems bring. If its an illness, look for the source of it and notice the high emotional negativity you feel about it. Both the source and the feeling are holding it in place.

Another good example is weight gain or loss. For many people, their weight fluctuates. You might say 'why am I fat when I want to be thin? I have pictures of times when I was thin. I picture myself in those great clothes I love and then I get despondent'. Everything is showing up to tell you something...But it is NOT to tell you that you should eat less and exercise more and berate yourself for slip ups in between! It is to tell you about stress, self destructive behaviours, addictive patterns, low self esteem or motivation that you need to acknowledge to move yourself forward, in ANY area of life.

The energy field uses whatever ways it can, to make you notice and come to know yourself. Welcome the information and harmonize it! Very simple, but takes mental discipline, everyone up for it?

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