Saturday, September 1, 2012

Why is the moon important?

I know that, on the Nasa website, there is some mega footage of the moon and all the planets and even some supernovas that happened millenia ago, as their flames still show up as pink. If you looked at a science-made-easy site, about the magnetic laws holding us, the tides and the earth itself to certain planes, you’d glean some gems from there too. In energetic terms, though, the moon is a filter, the holder of all human emotional memory and a key to manifestation. 

The reason that a full moon can be so volatile, passionately or destructively, is because it is at its maximum reflection. What it is reflecting back, are the memories of human feelings. Imagine it, the vast relentless wave of bad feeling we have been sending out in our thoughts, actions and desperation. Millions of people feeling separate, poor and victimized. Luckily, conscious thought and a coherent heart are much more powerful than reams of chaos. Furthermore, we also know from Dr Emoto that water, like the moon, holds memory. Hence, I was off holding my water ceremony on Tramore beach late last night. As I’m not, by nature, a conductor of, or even an attendee at, ceremonies I didn’t have a plan but it was magic nonetheless. There was not another soul on the beach however far we walked in the shallows, along the path lit by the full moon. After uploading every song with ‘love’ in it - mainly Lennon, The Beatles but also Westlife ... and then every song with ‘thank you‘ in it - mainly Kirsty McColl, I had a think what else was needed. I remembered the swiss man who healed so many with the acknowledgements; I love you, I’m sorry, forgive me and thank you so I put them out there too. I will elaborate on the moon as a filter and creative force another day, if that’s alright!  

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